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How much tax will you owe when you sell your company?

Personal tax planning can ultimately impact a founder's take-home proceeds as much as exit-level valuation changes can.

How Trump will impact venture capital: The future of QSBS

When we speak of disruption in the startup industry, it would not be uncommon to invoke an innovative technology or a visionary founder. It is a rare occasion when we can celebrate legislators. Yet, s

Early Stage Investing For Entrepreneurs And Individual Investors Just Got A Whole Lot More Attractive

On Friday, December 18, Congress passed the PATH Act´╗┐ (Protecting Americans from Tax Hikes), a sweeping $1 trillion bill which, as part of an 887-page omnibus, would prove challenging for even the m

Attention, Angel Investors: You Have Until Jan. 1 To Lock In 100% Tax-Free Capital Gains On Startup Stock

Angel investing has been <a href="https://techcrunch.com/2011/11/09/crunchcrunch/">on the rise</a> over the past few years (see Crunchbase chart below), and this year is no exception. A quirk in the t