• CrunchDeals: Steam QuakeCon 2010 Pack

    This week being QuakeCon and all, Steam has set up a special deal on all of the current Id and Bethesda games. If you bought these separately, the over all value on the software in the package would be over $300. In light of QuakeCon though, Valve is selling the whole package for $69.99. Just to hit a few highlights from the list, you get Wolfenstein 3D, Ultimate Doom, everything related… Read More

  • QuakeCon: Carmack Has Rage Running At 60 Frames Per Second On The iPhone. Whoa.

    Am I QuakeCon this year? No, of course not because that would have actually been fun. But I do know this: John Carmack just announced that he’s got the Rage engine running on an iPhone. At 60 frames per second, no less. Ridiculous, yes. Read More