• High Tech Or Hangover? Watch Quake On An Oscilloscope

    High Tech Or Hangover? Watch Quake On An Oscilloscope

    Head spinning? Stomach gurgling? Did you just drink a Bloody Mary just to find some respite from your pounding gulliver? Why not take a look at Pekka Väänänen’s project, an attempt to play Quake on a Hitachi V-422 oscilloscope. Why? Because if it can’t run Quake it’s not a true piece of technological hardware, that’s why. But it’s pretty hard. To get the machine… Read More

  • Homefront's Short Campaign Prompts Question: Is The Single-Player FPS A Lost Art?

    PSM3, the PlayStation magazine, has reviewed THQ’s fancy new shooter Homefront. It got a respectable 83/100. What’s perhaps worrying, however, is that the single-player campaign clocks in at a mere five hours in length. With such a short campaign, you start to ask yourself: is that even worth the developer’s time? Read More

  • Quake Arcade Arena Now On Xbox Live Arcade: Insert Console Versus PC Barb Here

    Now available on an Xbox 360 console near you: Quake Arena Arcade. It looks to be a fairly straightforward port of Quake Live (which is to say, a fairly straightforward port of Quake III), but this time you’ll have to pay 1,200 Microsoft Points for the privilege. Then you have to convince yourself that playing the game with a console controller isn’t anything to be ashamed… Read More

  • Quake 3, Android style

    Quake 3 has been ported to Android. It looks slick, too (see video demo below). The project is called “kwaak3” and is based on Quake 3 ports to the iPhone and Nokia N900. The developer got everything up and running on a Motorola Milestone (a GSM Motorola Droid with multi-touch, basically) and makes use of the phone’s keyboard, “so it won’t work on your Nexus One… Read More

  • QuakeLive now supports Linux and Mac

    I was talking just yesterday about RuneQuake, my favorite mod for the original Quake game. That led me on a trip down memory lane, complete with reminiscences about RocketArena, epic capture the flag battles, and how much fun first person shooters used to be. I IM’ed a buddy asking if he’d like to join me for a game of nQuake, to which he pointed me to QuakeLive. I pouted a little… Read More

  • Starsiege Tribes coming to a browser near you

    Hot on the heels of Quake in a browser comes word that Dynamix’s team shooter Starsiege Tribes is scheduled to get the same treatment. Read More

  • Browser-based ‘Quake Live’ public beta today [UPDATE]

    Previously invite-only, the public beta of Quake Live – Quake III in your browser! – will open today. A countdown timer on the website indicates that we’ll all be able to “frag” each other, as you kids say, at around 11:00 PM Eastern tonight. Let’s all go fragging together, shall we? Read More

  • Intricately detailed Quake III map of the Simpsons' house

    I find it hard to believe someone could have such an obsessive love of both The Simpsons and Quake III, that they would feel it necessary to make something like this. I wonder how it plays. How have I not seen this before? With luck we’ll get to see it in Quake Live.
    [via Laughing Squid and Waxy] Read More

  • CrunchArcade: Quake 3 for iPhone

    Just after discovering Yeti3D I’m pleased to find that Quake 3 is now ported to the iPhone, completing the karmic circle that all handheld devices must follow. In the first incarnation, they must play Doom. Then they must play NES. Finally, they must play Quake 3. So it is written, so it shall be. Best of all? It uses the accelerometer instead of the insuckerometer AKA pressing… Read More

  • Quad RAMage! Metaram's chips quadruple your server's RAM capacity

    I’m a little suspicious of this technology, but if it works then it’s certainly cool. Metaram’s new MetaSDRAM chipset sits between the RAM and the controller and acts as a go-between for additional RAM (as far as I can tell). I get the feeling this is a great idea for big servers like company databases but not necessarily for high-performance ones, since memory bandwidth is… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Quake 4 for $9.99 shipped

    If you’re looking for another FPS to round out your software collection, you can drop everything and head over to Newegg to pick up Quake 4 for under $10, which includes free 3-day shipping. It’s unfortunately back-ordered at the moment but you can still purchase it and wait patiently. Quake 4 PC Game Activision [Newegg.com] via FatWallet Read More