quake 3

  • Can the Nexus One run Quake 3? Yup.

    All this port needs is the Wii Remote hack from earlier and it will be near perfect. A PS3 Bluetooth controller would make it perfect. Now that Quake 3 has been ported, how about some Half-Life action? Read More

  • Quake 3, Android style

    Quake 3 has been ported to Android. It looks slick, too (see video demo below). The project is called “kwaak3” and is based on Quake 3 ports to the iPhone and Nokia N900. The developer got everything up and running on a Motorola Milestone (a GSM Motorola Droid with multi-touch, basically) and makes use of the phone’s keyboard, “so it won’t work on your Nexus One… Read More

  • Intricately detailed Quake III map of the Simpsons' house

    I find it hard to believe someone could have such an obsessive love of both The Simpsons and Quake III, that they would feel it necessary to make something like this. I wonder how it plays. How have I not seen this before? With luck we’ll get to see it in Quake Live.
    [via Laughing Squid and Waxy] Read More