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  • Samsung Galaxy S 4’s Quad-Core/Octa-Core Chipsets Are Focused On Efficiency And LTE

    Samsung Galaxy S 4’s Quad-Core/Octa-Core Chipsets Are Focused On Efficiency And LTE

    Samsung’s new flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S 4, has different chipsets in the U.S. and international versions of the phone. So while the U.S. S 4 has a 1.9GHz quad-core chip, the international version gets a 1.6GHz octa-core chip. The difference is likely down to LTE variation between markets. But beyond that, the octa-core and quad-core chips aren’t so very different, with a… Read More

  • Samsung’s New Galaxy S III Combines LTE And Quad-Core Processor

    Samsung’s New Galaxy S III Combines LTE And Quad-Core Processor

    There’s an argument to be made that Samsung’s Galaxy S III is the best Android phone on the market today, but that doesn’t mean that its formula can’t be improved upon. Case in point: now the Galaxy S III has wormed its way around the globe, Samsung is preparing to launch a version of its flagship handset that outshines the both the international and U.S. models, thanks… Read More

  • Motorola Atrix 3 Leak Promises A Quad-Core Chip, 720p Screen, And A Huge Battery

    Motorola Atrix 3 Leak Promises A Quad-Core Chip, 720p Screen, And A Huge Battery

    The Motorola Atrix line has been a big one for the company. Yet with two iterations out so far, the phones have yet to really wow anyone. But according to this specs/photo leak, the Atrix 3 may leave you humming a different tune. Tian Jin Daily reports that the Atrix 3 will sport a 4.3-inch 720p display, which is a nice start but that’s not even where things get exciting. Under the… Read More

  • Support For Quad-Core iDevices Found In iOS 5.1 Beta Code

    Support For Quad-Core iDevices Found In iOS 5.1 Beta Code

    It’s no secret that smartphone and tablet OEMs are looking toward quad-core processors to power their next-generation doodads, with Apple’s oft-rumored A6 chipset being one of the most anticipated. According to 9to5Mac, snippets of code in the beta version of the iOS 5.1 update tacity confirm that a quad-core A6 will soon grace Apple’s new iDevices. Read More

  • Rumor: The Quad-Core HTC Edge Breaks Cover

    Rumor: The Quad-Core HTC Edge Breaks Cover

    Dual-core processors? How passe. If the story surrounding this leaked render holds true, then HTC is already hard at work on their first quad-core powerhouse of a smartphone: the Edge. At first glance, it doesn’t look much different than any other device HTC has put out in recent memory. The Edge reportedly sports a 4.7-inch 720p display and 1GB of RAM, which is great but let’s face… Read More

  • Rumor: Quad-core MacBook Pro at MacWorld

    I’d say this irresponsible and inflammatory rumor is half-true. With Snow Leopard likely being shown off at MacWorld (by Schiller, alas), Apple will want something to make the OS pop a bit. Since Intel’s new budget quad-core processor is just starting to make its rounds, it’s not totally out of the question that Apple will want to include it in the comparatively old… Read More

  • Code name Shanghai: AMD's 45nm quad-core Opterons are here

    AMD, Intel’s arch nemesis, is rolling out its first 45nm quad-core Opteron processors today. The move to 45nm brings lower power consumption (a decrease by about 35 percent) and increased (by 35 percent, too) “performance,” a term so nebulous it can mean anything. The processor uses the code name Shanghai. The previous 65nm Opterons went by Barcelona, who are absolutely… Read More

  • Alienware M17: When a 17-inch laptop outperforms your desktop (for a price)

    Dell-owned Alienware has released another gaming laptop that might interest some of you. It’s the M17, and it has that quad-core mobile processor, the Intel Core 2 Extreme QX9300. It also has CrossFireX, which is AMD’s fancy name for dual GPUs. As such, with two Mobility Radeons HD 3870, video memory goes up to 1GB. That’s quite a bit, and maybe just enough to get Crysis… Read More

  • G71 Quad core gaming notebook coming from Asus

    Asus is updating its G71 gaming notebook to now include the powerhouse Intel Quad 2 Extreme CPU and so we’ll keep the “Will it run Crysis?” comments to a minimum for obvious reasons. The notebook still includes the same 17-inch LCD and terabyte storage option, but now includes a NVIDA GeForce 9700M GT 512 MB graphics card and the earth-shattering QX9300 Intel Quad 2… Read More

  • Intel to release quad-core mobile chips in August

    Quad-core mobile chips are coming from Intel next month. Still no word on when we’ll actually see enough applications that take advantage of all four cores at once, but that’s a different story for a different time. The chips will fall into the Core 2 Extreme family and are expected to fetch a pretty penny. IDG News Service reports that one Australian notebook manufacturer is… Read More

  • Shuttle now offering small form-factor quad-core PCs

    [photopress:SYG5_3300_G.jpg,full,left]I’m not much of a desktop computer user. I do my best work at a coffeeshop, bar, or in bed, so my laptop is always the way to go. When I do noodle with desktops, I always try to make them as stylish and small as possible. Shuttle’s my go-to company for small desktops, and its latest tiny offering includes quad-core procs, something you… Read More

  • Intel's Quad-Core CPUs, Now With 60 Percet Less Power Consumption

    Intel’s imagineers have developed two quad core CPUs that consume 35 to 60 percent less power than the quad-cores that are already on the market. The quad core CPUs that Intel previously released consume some 80 and 120 watts of power while the new guys consume just 50 watts. Yes, it’s technical mumbo jumbo, but it could eventually mean a lot for consumers. Right now, these quad… Read More

  • L Announces Fantasy 8-Core Laptop with SSD, Fairy Dust, and Elven Magic

    Today, the state of the art in laptop power is dual-core, but if that’s not good enough, leapfrog quad-core and head right for 8-way power. That day is today. If, that is, L Computer’s claims are true. The Hollywood Pro X8, announced yesterday, is the company’s most advanced laptop to date, and features a total of eight cores, but it all sounds too good to be possibly… Read More

  • Velocity Micro Launches Intel Core 2 Extreme Quad-Core Processor Machines

    There will be plenty more of these “quad-core” announcements today I’m sure, but Velocity Micro is one of my favorite desktop vendors for both gaming PCs and workstations. The boutique system builder (though you can now find its handy work in Best Buy stores) is all-in with Intel’s new very, very fast processors. For example, there’s the Velocity Raptor… Read More

  • Intel has Four Cores Coming by November, 80 Cores in Five Years

    Good news for Intel fans. Not only did Intel CEO say their Core 2 Extreme processors with four cores will be available in November, he also said the Core 2 Quad for mainstream computers will be released sometime in Q1 2007. Even better news, he promises Intel will have an 80 core processor sometime in the next five years. Five! Intel also says the Quad core processors have 70 percent… Read More

  • Velocity Micro Announces Quad-core Workstations

    Along with other news coming out of the Intel Developer Forum today, Velocity Micro unveiled its updated ProMagix W160 workstation with Intel’s upcoming quad-core processor (code-named “Kentsfield”). What does this mean to the average consumer? Not a whole lot. But if you’re a day trader with massive spreadsheets and you like to listen to music, download pirated… Read More

  • Quad-core is On the Way

    Thought Two Cores was enough? It isn’t. Really. Intel confirmed today that they will be releasing a 2.67 GHz quad-core Core 2 Extreme this holiday season. Drooling, yet? The processor is named Kentsfield and will host two dual-core Conroe cores on one package. The processor will be beefed up, increasing its L2 cache from 4MB to 8MB, which will serve to make multi-tasking much more seamless. Read More