• Toshiba Qosimo G45-AV680 Announced

    In the past, Toshiba laptops haven’t gone over well with me. Often they are plagued with problems which overshadow the pretty specs that are scribbled on the side of the box. However, the new Qosimo G45-AV680 (henceforth known as “Q-Daddy”) looks to abolish all of Toshiba’s turbulent past. First, Q-Daddy features an HD DVD-R drive. Yes, that’s an HD DVD burner… Read More

  • Toshiba Qosimo G35-AV660: Merom Inside

    We’ve already seen a few additions of the Intel Core 2 Duo Merom to Dell’s XPS line of laptops. We’ve also gotten a benchmark of the Merom performance that shows how much better it is over previous chips. Today we see the release of the Qosimo G35-AV660 from Toshibo. The G35-AV660 features a 2Ghz processor with 4MB cache. It has two 120GB SATA drives that run at… Read More