• Gift Guide: The QOOQ Tablet

    Gift Guide: The QOOQ Tablet

    Tablets and kitchens don’t mix, but the QOOQ tablet blends these two differing flavors together into a delicious treat for whomever’s lucky enough to own one. With a heat and humidity-resistant design, waterproof build, and an OS built specifically for the chef in all of us, the QOOQ was most certainly built for the kitchen, and it stands up to that promise. Read More

  • QooQ – a tablet computer that teaches you how to cook

    [France] Tablets are destined to be the next super trendy tech device. CrunchGear regularly reports on new devices that will be launched by PC or mobile manufacturers, and Apple will one day join the dance. Analysts have announced that the tablet war will take place in 2010 so we just have to be patient. A French company called Unowhy, (which raised 2.9 million euros in April 09) is… Read More