Baidu teams up with BlackBerry on self-driving and connected car tech

Chinese internet tech giant Baidu will work with Canada’s BlackBerry in a partnership that will see QNX used as the basis for Baidu’s Apollo self-driving platform, and which will also see

Delphi partners with BlackBerry QNX on its autonomous driving platform

Delphi is planning to launch its own autonomous driving solution for car manufacturers and mobility service fleet operators in 2019, and it announced today that it will use BlackBerry QNX as the opera

Ford taps BlackBerry talent to double its in-house mobile engineering team

Ford has made 400 new engineering hires, the company announced, and will create a new Research and Engineering Centre in Ottawa (yes, it’s a ‘centre’ because it’s Canadian). Th

Apple could be developing its car OS in Canada

More details about Appleā€™s software team for its not-so-secret car project are emerging. According to a new report from Bloomberg, Apple has hired quite a few engineers in the Ottawa suburb of Kanat

Hands-On With Ford’s Sync 3

Ford was one of the first major car manufacturers to bring connected car technology to its lineup with Sync in 2007, but while the first iterations of its Sync and MyFord Touch infotainment systems we

How Connected Cars Have Established A New Ecosystem Powered By IoT

Not long ago, after you bought a new vehicle, the manufacturer had very little contact with you for years until it was time to sell you another car. The Internet of Things is changing all that. The Io

QNX Locks Down Key Contract With Panasonic, Reminding Us That BlackBerry Still Has Some Shine For Buyers

QNX, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of BlackBerry, announced some news today that reminds us that parcelling the company out could be among BlackBerry's best options as it considers a sale and oth

RIM’s Stock Price Tumbles To A New Five Year Low

RIM's stock took a bit of a tumble after the release of their underwhelming Q2 earnings report last week, and it looks as though it won't stop dropping anytime soon. Before the market closed for the d

Chart: Apple's Tablet OS Share Will Shrink To 47 Percent By 2015

<img src="http://tctechcrunch.files.wordpress.com/2011/04/tablet-share-chart.jpg"> How long can Apple hold onto its dominance of the tablet market with the iPad? There no question that the iPad is l