Amazon Prime Video to globally premiere 7 Indian movies as theaters remain closed

Amazon has secured rights to premiere seven Indian movies that were initially scheduled for a theatrical release directly on its Prime Video on-demand streaming service in a move that has prompted tw

Federal Judge Shuts Down Aereo Service In Salt Lake City And Utah With Preliminary Injunction

TV startup Aereo has been handed a decision that isn’t in its favor in at least one battleground where it’s fighting broadcasters in court: In Utah, a federal judge imposed a temporary inj

Mvix announces Ultio Pro media center

<img src="http://www.crunchgear.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/01/ultio.jpg" />Mvix's Ultio Pro looks suspiciously like a commercial version of an HTPC. Designed with 1080p decoding, network media playba

U.S. soldiers stationed in Japan getting a monster time-shifting DVR

We feel for soldiers stationed abroad. It’s hard enough to watch Desperate Housewives without the Misses, but it also comes on at a weird time ’cause of the time difference. Allied Teles

My dreams have come true, Allio announces a 42-inch HDTV with Blu-ray, PC and PVR built-in

At first glance Allio’s 42-inch convergence media center seems like a dream, but after taking a look at few key specs I’m thinking I might to pass. Sure it has 1TB of on-board storage, an Intel C2

Old DVD-recorders increasing in value

You may be able to get a DVR with your cable box, but nothing comes close to being able to record shows and burn them to a DVD. So it makes sense that years-old DVD-recorders are going for as much as

Sony Announces PlayTV For PAL Territories

Apparently Sony favors PAL countries more than us. Sony officially announced today the PlayTV, which is a combination TV tuner and PVR. The UK, France, Italy, Germany and Spain will get first dibs ear

SageTV Adds Mac Support To Its Media Center Software Sort Of

SageTV makes a handy media center application for Windows and Linux PCs, which does all kinds of good things, but mostly it turns your computer into a powerful DVR. The company makes and sells a compa

ActionDVR: PVR for Your Day-to-Day

This device is clearly intended for those with lives more exciting than mine, namely those who do more than sit in front of a computer all day. The ActionDVR is a portable digital video recorder that

ToyQuest Releases PMP/PVR For The Kids

A couple of weeks ago, I stopped by a Tiger Electronics tent that was set up to showcase all of the new toys coming out this holiday season. They all had a common theme: “Crappy versions of gadg

For Programmers Only: Neuros OSD Linux PVR That You Have To Program Yourself

Nothing as sophisticated or polished as TiVo or Windows Media Center, this Neuros OSD Linux Media Recorder has users jumping in coding functionality, which eventually gets shared all other users. Ludi

TiVo Series 3 Cometh

The word is that the TiVo Series 3 HD-capable DVR is going to hit the streets on September 17th. Apparently the device is now showing up in the systems of many retailers. It is reported that the Serie