• $900 digital putter with built-in LCD display

    Wow, this putter blows the previously mentioned Star Trek putter right out of the water as far as geek factor is concerned. At $899, it costs more than most people’s entire set of golf clubs but for the uber-rich out there, why not pick one up? What the hell, huh? Might as well. It uses a "micro Inertial Navigation System (INS)" to "identify the putter face position… Read More

  • Any golf-playing Trekkies out there? Here's your putter

    Now I’ve officially seen it all. The Golfsmith Star Trek Enterprise NCC-1701 costs $130 and there are only 1701 available, which is probably 1700 more than there are golfers who are big enough Star Trek fans to buy this and use it on the course. It actually looks like a decent putter thanks to the weight-balancing warp speed tube thingies. Maybe I’ll pick one up someday, if only… Read More