• TVShow Time Lets You Stream All Your Favorite TV Shows Thanks To Put.io

    TVShow Time Lets You Stream All Your Favorite TV Shows Thanks To Put.io

    French startup TVShow Time just added a major new feature for its social platform for TV show enthusiasts. Not only can you keep track of your progress in your favorite TV shows, you can now play new episodes directly from the website as well, without having to leave the site. All of this was made possible thanks to a deep Put.io integration. “When you reach the last 10 percent of… Read More

  • Fetch! Put.io's revolutionary storage and retrieval platform launches

    [Istanbul] What’s on your disk other than your own data and applications? Media files, right? Put.io as which we’ve covered before, is a new kind of storage service that eliminates the process of uploading media files to a server, something that usually takes hours, by proactively fetching them from their sources and putting them in your online space. It’s like a golden… Read More

  • 200 Invites To The Put.io Cloud Storage Startup

    We recently previewed the upcoming put.io cloud storage service which fetches media files and lets you stream them immediately. The service has created a lot of buzz, because it’s able to keep redundant copies of your files which you can access from anywhere with a browser, including files for the iPhone and PS3. These can be fetched automatically from bittorrent networks, FTPs… Read More

  • Put.io is an innovative new cloud storage service

    [Turkey] Until now, there’s been a lot of chatter about Put.io in the Turkish tech scene – but no-one had seen it. Today they’ve let us in to have a look at the service. So imagine a service that downloads files from Rapidshare for you, then saves them on your 50GB Put.io account. Or forget about Rapidshare, maybe it collects files from Bittorrent automatically. Here’s… Read More