Push to Talk

Russia’s Telegram ban that knocked out 15M Google, Amazon IP addresses had a precedent in Zello

Russia blocking access to Telegram after the messaging app refused to give it access to encrypted messages has picked up an unintended casualty: we’re now up to over 15 million IP addresses fro

OnBeep To Tackle Group Communication Wearables With $6.25M In New Funding

Stealth startup OnBeep got a little less stealthy today, announcing a new Series A round of $6.25 million in funding including investment from Riche Levandov of Avalon ventures, and including previous

Voice Chat App Voxer Gets New Competition From Zello, A (Non-Spammy) Push-To-Talk Alternative

It looks like <a href="https://techcrunch.com/2012/04/11/walkie-talkie-app-voxer-goes-big-ivp-and-intel-lead-30-million-round/">popular walkie-talkie app Voxer</a> is about to get some competition in

AT&T Launches Enhanced Push-To-Talk Smartphone Trial For Businesses

Though it may not always seem like it, big wireless carriers are still stuck on the concept of push-to-talk communication. It’s easy to see why -- instanteous communication between multiple people c

Verizon Wireless drops CDM8975 Push to Talk handset, business world yawns

Verizon Wireless launched its creatively named CDM8975 Push to Talk handset today.  This new business-meets-multimedia walkie-talkie mobile phone was developed by Personal Communications Devices and