• Could Flip Have Survived On Its Own? (TCTV)

    When people build startups, we measure their measure success not only by how big is their exit, but also by how many lives their products touch and how long their brands lasts in the minds of consumers. Cisco’s decision today to shutter its Flip Video business two years after paying $590 million for it raises a series of questions which startup founder/investor Chris Dixon and I address… Read More

  • Top Tech Acquisitions Of 2009

    We track a lot of acquisitions on CrunchBase.  At the beginning of 2009, acquisitions were at a standstill.  But as the economy begrudgingly roused itself from recession, the deal flow started to pick up in the summer, and then rebounded more in the third quarter.  There are still a couple weeks left in the year, and a lot can still happen, such as Google buying Yelp for more than… Read More

  • The next Flip camera will have Wi-Fi

    Cisco has confirmed that the next version of the Flip Video camera, everyones favorite tiny video camera, is getting Wi-Fi. The model is described as having “a large screen that slides to reveal the record and menu buttons underneath.” Read More

  • Flip Has Little Chance In An iPhone World

    As successful as Pure Digital has been with their Flip line of video cameras – selling $150 million worth of them last year – they face a new type of threat that they can’t defeat. The video capable iPhone, and video mobile phones in general, will make them irrelevant in the next couple of years. Flip cameras have really grown on me. A year ago I didn’t see any point in… Read More

  • Pure Digital: Thanks For The $1.3 Million Check! How Do I Cash It?

    So here I am this morning opening a pile of mail – schwag from companies, bills, checks for Heather, payroll stuff, the usual. I rip all the envelopes open and then dig in. And I look down and see this check for $1.3 million and change. Trust me, there’s nothing quite like opening up a letter addressed to you and finding a check inside for $1,334,261.05. First thought: woohoo! Read More

  • Cisco buys Flip Video/PureDigital

    San Francisco based Pure Digital Technologies, the seven year old company behind the Flip Video line of video cameras, is considering a sale of the company, multiple sources have confirmed. One interested buyer is rumored to be Cisco. Flip cameras – dead simple and small video devices that are tailored towards users who want to upload video to the Internet – have become… Read More

  • Pure Digital Evoke 1S DAB Radio: Where Old Meets New (Radio-Wise)

    Blogging here in the morning, I’m either listening to house and/or trance mixes or to talk radio, be it NPR or the Norton and Friends show. If I lived in a DAB-friendly area, I might be using something like the Pure Digital EVOKE-1S. Not because it’s “revolutionary” or anything, but because it looks like it’s straight out of 1954. That’s not to say that… Read More

  • Flip Video: Camcorder to YouTube, Automagically

    We’ve seen disposable or limited use camcorders before, but Pure Digital, the workhouse behind the el cheapo plastic video recorders, is promising us something new with its Flip Video cams. While the prices are dropping and the resolutions rising on HD camcorders, these guys are going the other way, rolling out a bare-bones SD cam with TV-out features and software that allows for easy… Read More

  • Pure Digital Camcorder Does Direct Uploads

    Pure Digital has upgraded its inexpensive corner-store camcorder to let you capture video and get it up on the web in three steps. Now before you get all excited, the uploading experience is not as direct as you may think. The Pure Digital Point & Shoot Camcorder (30 minutes, $129; 60 minutes, $169) now has software that lets you get the video off the camera via USB connection to your… Read More