Puls Technologies lands $15M to provide on-demand home repair service

The average refrigerator door is opened and closed 20 times per day, but with everyone at home during the pandemic, that rose to over 100 times, sparking an increase in door repair requests.

Puls raises $50 million for in-home technical support

A fund affiliated with the Singaporean government has a great interest in making sure that American consumers are getting the tech support they need. Temasek, the multi-billion-dollar investment fund

After rebranding to Puls and raising new cash, CellSavers wants to help set up your smart gadgets

CellSavers, the on-demand smartphone and tablet repair service, is rebranding its business to Puls and expanding its suite of services to include most smart devices in a home. The San Francisco-based

Salesforce’s Service Cloud 1 Is A Wearable Technology Trojan Horse

Imagine a scenario in which an oil rig worker suddenly hears an alarm sound from somewhere on the rig. The adrenaline rush begins and the worker knows he has to move fast. The sound of the siren is no