• AT&T Launches Enhanced Push-To-Talk Smartphone Trial For Businesses

    AT&T Launches Enhanced Push-To-Talk Smartphone Trial For Businesses

    Though it may not always seem like it, big wireless carriers are still stuck on the concept of push-to-talk communication. It’s easy to see why — instanteous communication between multiple people can be a huge benefit in certain lines of work, and and catering to those groups often leads to some hefty service contracts. To that end, AT&T has announced that they have launched a… Read More

  • Motorola bringing QWERTY to its walkie-talkie phones with the i465

    Looks like Motorola will be pairing a keyboard with push-to-talk in the i465, due sometime this year. The immediacy of text messaging is great, yes, overshadowed only by the immediacy of instantly speaking to someone using a nationwide walkie-talkie, so this handset ought to cover all the need-to-talk-ASAP bases. Read More

  • AT&T cuts the Push-to-talk monthly rate by half

    Sure, Push-to-talk can be handy. But is it ten dollars handy? AT&T thinks not. Tucked into the Samsung Rugby press release was a mention that AT&T would be lopping 50% off the Push-to-talk monthly price tag, bringing it down to just 5 bucks starting today. With both AT&T and Verizon now offering PTT for a fiver, it probably won’t be too long before Sprint (currently at $10)… Read More

  • Motorola i570 Nextel phone released today

    Nextel, Sprint’s homely-yet-dependable half-brother, has decided that it’s time to party like it’s 1999 with the Motorola i570. It’s got Direct Connect, Group Connect, Direct Talk, Direct Send, GPS, a 64k color internal display, monochrome external display, rugged design, speakerphone, and a bunch of other stuff that you’d expect from a phone that works first… Read More

  • AT&T Adds Pay-Per-Use PTT to Offerings

    Push to talk, or PTT, sucks. There aren’t many things more annoying than being at the mall and hearing someone’s phone chirp followed by a disembodied voice saying, “Dude, we’re at the Mervyns!” We hate that. Cingular/AT&T, though, thinks we deserve more of it, as it’s allowing all of its customers with compatible hardware access to PTT with other… Read More

  • Sprint Goes Bi with Dual Network Handsets, Plans

    Though it’s been something available on the QT for awhile, Sprint today has officialized its CDMA + iDEN hardware, merging the wireless provider’s own network with forever-ago purchased Nextel. This means a Sprint phone can have all the CDMA features (cheap calling plans, for example) and get the iDEN’s Push To Talk with other Sprint and Nextel handsets. In addition to… Read More

  • Cingular Launches CU400, Adds PTT

    has launched on Cingular’s website with something we didn’t know about: Push To Talk. We knew Cingular had plans for PTT, but we didn’t think it would debut with such little fanfare and on such a pedestrian phone. Sure, it’s got 3G, but it’s a cheap-o otherwise. In addition to the CU400, PTT can be enabled on the Pearl, the Moto V365, Samsung D407, and SE Z525a. Read More