• PsyStar selling rack servers

    Need an XServe without paying Apple for the privilege? Psystar has something for you. They’re releasing 1U and 2U servers running Windows, Ubuntu, and “even Mac OS X Leopard Server.” Again, these boys are risking a lot selling these things, but more power to them. These are OEM rack servers with a little Psystar work and not much else, but it starts at about $2,000 and OS X… Read More

  • PsyStar upgrades… their cases

    PsyStar, everyone’s favorite litigation landmine, has upgraded their cases for their standard PCs. Not much news except that we wish that we had received this model rather than the janky one we got. Read More

  • Psystar unleashed a plethora of Leopard updates

    Those of you with Psystars running Leopard might want to hot-foot it to Psystar’s website to download some important fixes. They activate Time Machine and patch many other specific errors. Since Leopard wasn’t ever meant for non-Mac computers, it makes sense that there is much patching needed. Read More

  • Non-Psystar PCs running Leopard appearing

    John Biggs has a Psystar. It’s a generic PC that runs OSX Leopard, and runs it well at that. It was roughly $550 shipped, and there’s something that gives one a sneaky feeling when using it, as if you’re getting away with something. The Psystar, though, may be just the tip of the iceberg. Apple Insider points out that there are now other PC clones running OSX, and you can… Read More

  • What Psystar needs now is lawyers, sweet lawyers digs down into what Psystar really needs to keep itself alive during the sure and swift onslaught of litigation that will some hit them broadside. Here’s the rub. According the the OS X license: “This License allows you to install, use and run one (1) copy of the Apple Software on a single Apple-labeled computer at a time. You agree not to install, use or run the… Read More

  • Psystar OpenPC unboxed and benchmarked

    Click to play Here is our full unboxing and benchmarking of the Psystar OpenPC that just arrived today. For about $550 you get a fully working Leopard Desktop, albeit without System Update right now, without having to visit the Apple Store. How long can this paradise last? I don’t know, but it works and is actually fairly fast. Here’s our long unboxing and bencmarking… Read More

  • Woot! My Psystar OS X machine is shipping!

    Soon CrunchGear will be in possession of a magical Psystar OS X machine featuring Leopard in all it’s hacked BIOS glory. Hi John Biggs, the Status of your Order No. 5399 has been changed. New Status is:
    ____________________________________________________________ Shipped
    ____________________________________________________________ To view the Order Details, please follow this link (or… Read More

  • Psystar OS X PC boots up but you can't use System Update

    This is not a video. Giz has some red hot video of a Psystar Open PC booting up into OS X. Apparently it works fine except for System Update which gets confused. The system profile thinks that the PC is a Mac Pro. We have one ordered already and we’re looking forward to enjoying some EULA breaking OS X action this week. We hope to be able to bring the Psystar to the meet-up, actually. Read More

  • Inside PsyStar's high-tech facility

    Click To Play PsyStar isn’t on the down-low anymore: they’re shipping PCs running OS X from their posh digs in Florida and even filmed a charming video featuring a full set of cheap PCs running odd OSes including Ubuntu and, obviously, Leopard. The fact that Apple hasn’t hit them yet is quite interesting. I agree with what commentor Cylonite said: Know when the… Read More

  • Psystar shipping $399 Mac clones; Apple still mum

    According to its website, Psystar has started shipping the first of its $399 Open computers, which they will pre-install with Leopard for an additional $155. They also note that they have a new location and signs in the windows, further showing that they might be real, but until I see an Open running Leopard myself, I’m a skeptic. Still no word from Apple on what action, if any, the… Read More

  • Psystar's phones are ringing, nobody's answering

    So today I was supposed to have a phone call with the president of Psystar, the makers of the not-a-Mac that can ship with Leopard pre-installed. Our call was at 1:00 west coast time. I hadn’t heard from him, so I called the number at 1:15 (4:15 in Miami, where Psystar is located) I was given yesterday for him and got a message that “Psystar is now closed,” but I could leave… Read More

  • Author of Psystar's key technology is all like "Nuh uhhh!"

    Netkas, the author of the efi vB emulator that basically allows you to run OS X on any PC is pissed. Psystar is claiming they use his software — and are selling computers embedded with it — which is in breach of his non-commercial license. Sadly, Netkas seems to be foreign and his grasp of English is fairly limited and he and his commenters (“I AGREE WITH YOU…. WATH ARE… Read More

  • Apple hasn't sued Psystar yet, but is it in the works?

    We posted earlier about Psystar, the Florida-based PC retailer selling a Mac clone that runs Leopard, which Apple can’t be too happy about. So far, Apple hasn’t taken any legal action against Psystar that we know of, however it might not be able to do much in the end. Wired talked to patent attorney Raj Abhyanker, who says that all Psystar is doing is violating Leopard’s EULA… Read More

  • Maybe Mac clone maker Psystar isn't real at all?

    It’s looking more and more likely that the Psystar-produced Mac clone is a scam, surprising people who figured that out within four seconds of reading the initial reports. The Guardian, in a journalistic coup, did a little Google Mapping and telephone calling last night, discovering nothing but dead-ends and run-arounds. And now Gizmodo, the gadget guide, sent one of its readers to… Read More

  • $399 Leopard machine from small company, potential lawsuit magnet

    A company called Psystar is promising a $399 “Leopard-compatible” PC with OS X pre-installed. No one has verified these claims but there’s some talk that it’s a variant of the osx86project running on stock hardware. We shall see. Sadly, the site is currently hosed. Power Computing, anyone? Read More

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