• Psystar's Open(3) caught in the wild

    It seems like just yesterday when we were unboxing our very own Psystar system, and apart from some build quality issues, were surprised at how well it worked. The Open(3) system they announced last month was expected by some to be a no-show, what with the ongoing dispute with Apple, but it looks like at least one person with a camera has gotten his delivered. Read More

  • Psystar releases new $599 Mac clone

    In a move that’s sure to make Apple shake its fist and gnash its teeth, everybody’s favorite underdog, Psystar, has thrown legal caution to the wind and released the Open(3) Computer, starting at $599 without monitor, keyboard, or mouse. Read More

  • German "PearC" Apple clones aim to succeed at the Psystar game

    The long-running Psystar dispute may be settling down as the controversial PC-maker runs out of steam, but don’t think that’s the end of… the Clone Wars. (sorry) German PC company HyperMegaNet UG has started selling its own line of cloned Apples. But good heavens, you say, aren’t they scared of Apple? Won’t they see the smoking ruins of Psystar and fear the same… Read More

  • With nothing to lose, Psystar now claims Apple didn't copyright OS X

    The saga between Psystar and Apple is reaching a sad point. Apple has held firm against the claims of the Mac clone maker and Psystar keeps pilling on new Apple offensives. The latest simply claims that Apple cannot sue Psystar ’cause OS X isn’t covered by copyright protection. Read More

  • Psystar drops some antitrust claims, adds others

    Psystar is kind of turning into an annoying step-brother by “respectfully disagreeing” with the courts latest findings, but by adding other charges to take the place of the dismissed ones. This whole case seems like it’s going to continue on OJ style, – the first one – never-ending and just wasting taxpayers dollars. Maybe there is a silent… Read More

  • OpeniMac releases a quasi-Mac clones

    You would think that these Argentineans would know about Psystar’s legal ‘issues’ with Apple before they decided to release an unofficial OS X machine, but whatever. The company is selling two Mac Clones for a reasonable amount of cake. The OpeniMac is only $990 and ships with 2GB of memory, 320GB HDD, and a 256MB ATI Radeon HD Pro. The OpeniMacPRO will run ya, $1,710 but… Read More

  • Apple loses it, suggests puppetmaster behind Psystar

    Oh dear, I think Apple’s legal department is getting paranoid. After suggesting that people taking their ad literally were irrational, they’re now suggesting that a shadowy unknown may be behind the whole Psystar drama. The suits and countersuits have been going on for months and months now (all I care about is that it works), and in an amendment to their suit today, Apple added… Read More

  • Psystar violated DMCA, says Apple

    The court proceedings between Apple and Psystar are still dragging on with the latest charges being filed by Apple the day before Thanksgiving. Allegedly, Psystar is violating the Digital Mellennium Copyright Act (DMCA) by circumventing the OS X copy-protection.  Through this motion, Apple seeks leave to file its Amended Complaint pursuant to Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 15(a) and this… Read More

  • Psystar's counterclaims against Apple to get thrown out of court

    The never ending saga of David vs Goliath just got a little tougher for the little guy. Unless Psystar strengthens its counterclaims against Apple, it will be thrown out of court. The counterclaim indicates that OS X is not reasonably interchangeable with other operating systems, such as Windows, and therefore compromises its own niche market. So unless Psystar can come up with… Read More

  • Psystar hopes Apple won't notice Blu-Ray desktops

    Psystar is still beset on all sides by the inequities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil men aka Apple but now they’re shipping “OS X-compatible” machines with Blu-ray installed. Sadly, there is no built-in Blu-Ray support which means you’re stuck using Toast 9 to do anything at all. In our experience, Psystar is basically selling bare bones PCs with a little… Read More

  • Apple files dismissal motion against Psystar counterclaims

    The latest chapter in the David vs Golitha battle has just unfolded in the Northern District of California with a dismissal filing by Apple. Jobs & Co. state in the claim, Defendant Psystar Corporation is knowingly infringing Apple’s copyrights and trademarks, and inducing others to do the same. Psystar makes and sells personal computers that use, without permission… Read More

  • Psystar files a countersuit against Apple

    Psystar is suing Apple under the Sherman Antitrust Act saying that the EULA is a form of illicit tying and restrains trade. Psystar’s attorneys are calling Apple’s allegations of Psystar’s copyright infringement “misinformed and mischaracterized.” Psystar argues that its OpenComputer product is shipped with a fully licensed, unmodified copy of Mac OS X, and that… Read More

  • Psystar 'Definitely still shipping' Mac clones

    Despite Apple’s end user licensing agreement expressly forbidding the installation or sales of its operating systems on third-party hardware, Psystar is ‘still shipping‘ the computers. And don’t forget they now come with a restore disk. via Information Week Read More

  • Psystar shipping Leopard Restore Disk

    Pretty cut and dry. Persons that purchased one of Psystar’s OS X-equiped computers will receive a restore disk thus removing one of the large critizems of the companies systems. Previously, customers had to ship their Mac clones back to the company for OS re-installs. Oh, and the disks are free. Just fill out a form and either fax or snail-mail it back to Psystar. Details Read More

  • Psystar may play the anti-trust card against Apple

    Last week I reported that Psystar retained Carr & Ferrell, the law firm that stood up to Apple and won. This week Colby Springer, one of the lawyers working on the case, hinted at their legal strategies during an interview on Thursday. Springer told reporters: “They came to us, I think, because this is a much bigger issue than just copyright,” Read More

  • Psystar is whipping out the big guns against Apple

    Well it looks like the case between Psystar and Apple is going to get interesting. It’s been reported that a law firm that has taken on Apple in the past and won, has been retained by Psystar. The name of the California law firm is Carr & Ferrell and they specialize in intellectual property cases. You may remember them from the case where in the end, Apple settled and paid… Read More

  • New Mysterious Mac Clone Retailer Takes Over From Psystar

    A week ago we reported that Apple had finally filed suit against Mac clone maker Psystar. Apple claimed that Psystar was trading on the Apple brand and illegally releasing the Mac OS X operating system on clone hardware. Today we have learnt via Macblogs of a new clone maker, Open Tech, who are planning on filling the void that is likely to be soon left by Psystar. Open Tech are taking… Read More

  • iOpenTech's "open" desktops: It's on

    With Psystar getting the beatdown from Apple, iOpenTech thinks it’s going to sneak in around the corner and offer an open platform that runs any OS, including OS X. Listen: installing OS X on a PC is trivial. There are plenty of videos and tutorials describing the process and what Psystar did, to its credit, was make it even more trivial for folks who didn’t want to do the job… Read More

  • Apple calls for the destruction of the clones

    Last week Apple filed a copyright infringement suit against Psystar, alleging the company “misappropriated Apple’s proprietary software and intellectual property.” That’s no shocker, but that Apple is asking for, along with damages and an injunction, that every Psystar Mac OS-based OpenComputer be recalled, could turn into more than just the usual lawsuit. Psystar… Read More

  • Apple sues Psystar

    Apple has filed suit against Psystar in the northern district of California. Apple, Inc., manufacturer of the well known line of computers and software, filed suit on July 3 in the federal district court for the northern district of California against Florida company Psystar, Inc. The suit alleges counts for violation of its shrink wrap license, trademark and copyright infringement. While… Read More