• Cake v. Pie: Refusing To Consider An Option Makes You More Likely To Pick It Later

    According to a study in the Journal of Consumer Research, there is a common reaction to product choice. The study, produced by Juliano Laran and Keith Wilcox, found that “rejecting an option may make you more likely to choose it later.” The gist is this: when you reject one item based on features, those features become more important when you go to select the same type of device later. Read More

  • Age matters when it comes to web site navigation

    Shocking news, everyone! Age plays a factor in how we figure out web site navigation! According to a new study in the journal Psychology & Marketing, younger kids do better with maps and visual “learning clues” while older kids are better at scanning lists of content. Read More

  • Study shows playing RTS games keeps old brains healthy

    Good news for older gamers: that secret desire to rush your enemies’ base can be healthy! A study published in the medical journal Psychology & Aging shows that playing games like Rise of Nations and other real-time strategy titles can actually help elderly gamers maintain or improve their ability to reason, and help them with short term memory. To me, this seems like a great thing. Read More