• Sony Says The NGP/PSP2 Won't Be Delayed (But Rather Arrive This Year)

    Yesterday, Bloomberg reported that Sony is considering pushing back the release of the NGP, aka the PSP2 (we followed up right after the report was published). As a reason for the possible delay, Jack Tretton (president of Sony Computer Entertainment of America) was quoted as saying his company is seeing production problems. Read More

  • Sony's NGP/PSP2 May Only Hit One Region In 2011

    One of the many side effects of the catastrophic quake and tsunami that hit Japan last month (you can still donate) was an interruption of the normal operations of tech manufacturers. With schedules put off by months and factories disrupted and possibly damaged, high-profile projects like Sony’s NGP, AKA the PSP2, are at risk of being delayed. SCEA President Jack Tretton said recently… Read More

  • If Sony's NGP Had PS3's Power, It Would "Set Fire To Your Pants"

    Despite my reservations about the PSP2/NGP’s place in the gaming market of tomorrow, it’s plain that it’s a hell of a machine. But people were saying that it was at PS3 levels of graphics. Leaving aside the question of whether you could tell that was true within the confines of a lower resolution and smaller screen, those claims (whoever made them) always seemed a bit spurious. Read More

  • Sony Cut "Cool" Features From PSP2 To Lower Price

    The PSP2 debuted with laundry list of features, but according to Sony Computer Entertainment’s president, Shuhei Yoshida, some of the “cool” elements had to be removed to keep prices low. “I can’t talk about a definitive price at this stage. But since the very beginning we had a target in mind. So, when considering various features, we always had our price range… Read More

  • John Carmack: Thanks To Low Level APIs, Sony NGP Should Be A ‘Generation’ Ahead Of Smartphones At Launch

    John Carmack, the man behind Doom and Quake, appears to be a bit of a Sony NGP fan. That shouldn’t come as a shock to close followers of id Software, which has very much embraced mobile gaming, particularly of the iPhone variety. Shortly after Sony’s big reveal, he tweeted: “Low level APIs will allow the Sony NGP to perform about a generation beyond smart phones with… Read More

  • Five Reasons The PSP2 Won't Succeed

    Sony has announced the PSP2 (temporarily named the “Next Generation Portable”), perhaps the final boss of handheld consoles. It’s far more powerful than its destined competitor, Nintendo’s 3DS, and incorporates social and locational data, 3G, a monster 5″ OLED screen, and a number of other features detailed here. It is to be one of the linchpin platforms for… Read More

  • Sony Shows First PSP2 Titles, Announces "LiveArea" And "Near" Functions

    The PSP2 (code name “Next Generation Portable”) looks like it’s a real beast spec-wise, but how good can it be without decent games? At their PSP2 launch event today, Sony didn’t show just the hardware but also invited some game developers from Capcom, Konami or Activision on stage. Here’s the first batch of titles. Read More

  • Sony Unveils The PSP2

    As previously reported, Sony just unveiled a PSP successor, codenamed “Next Generation Portable”, at an event in Tokyo. The biggest bullet point here is that Sony claims the portable system is as powerful as the PS3, which means it will be supposedly able to produce “PS3-like graphics”. Sony did show the hardware up and running. Read More

  • Report: PSP2 To Be Released By Year-End, With OLED Touchscreen And 3G

    As reported last week, Sony is planning to hold an event (now dubbed “PlaysStation Meeting”) in Tokyo this Thursday, probably to unveil the PSP2. Today, Japan’s biggest business daily, The Nikkei, is reporting that Sony will indeed unveil the device on that day, and they also have some information on what features it will come with. Read More

  • Report: Sony's PSP2 To Be Unveiled Next Week, PSP Phone To Follow Next Month

    Sony’s PSP may not have been as successful as the Nintendo DS, but it did pretty well overall (if you don’t count the ill-fated PSPgo): in September last year, sales reached 62 million units worldwide. But the PSP is six years old now, and it’s about time for an update. And if a report by Bloomberg today is to believed, Sony will unveil that update, perhaps called the PSP2… Read More

  • PSP2 To Be Announced On January 27th?

    The fact that there is a PSP2 is kind of an open secret: Sony hasn’t said a word, but developers have confirmed they’re working with them, and we saw some supposedly leaked pics. Now the same site that showed off the pics is claiming (sources be damned!) that Sony is planning a big meeting with select press to announce the PSP2 this month, on the 27th. Read More

  • PSP2 Is Real, According To Mortal Kombat Developer – Finish Him!

    While Sony has been rather coy about the existence of a PSP2 (trying not to kill the PSP Go any futher I guess), Mortal Kombat developer Sean Himmerick just spilled the beans. Read More

  • The juiciest of rumors: PSP2 to debut at E3 with touchscreen, dual analog control sticks and no UMD slot

    Put on your Rumor Hats, boys and girls. An “insider source,” possibly W. Mark Felt, has revealed that, yes, the Sony PSP2 does exist, and that it will be a proper sequel and not merely an incremental update. Read More

  • Is Sony finally positioning the PSP to succeed? More PS1 games on PSN, non-PlayStation games on the PSN, free ponies, etc

    Can you imagine a world where the Sony PSP is actually relevant? Should Sony follow through with any of the actions that have been rumored in the past few days, it may be able to rescue its little system from obscurity. Today’s evidence: SCEA is working extra hard to bring over as many PS1 games to the PlayStation Network, so that you can play them on your PSP. (Japan has tons of PS1… Read More

  • Dave Perry *insists* that PSP2 won't have UMD drive

    Earthworm Jim and MDK creator Dave Perry claimed the other day that the PSP2—yes, it’s in development—will not have a UMD drive. That’s good news, seeing as though UMD is terribly slow; eliminating it from any future PSP design would both 1) cut costs and 2) shrink the device’s footprint by a not-insignificant amount. And while Sony may deny that any such redesign… Read More

  • PSP 2 rumors picking up steam [Update]

    I can’t remember the last time I’ve posted about Sony this many times so early in the week. The latest rumor comes from Dave Perry surrounding the PSP 2. I hear Sony FINALLY has the PSP 2. And thank goodness, they’ve removed the stupid battery-sucking UMD disc drive. I’m excited! Update: Some extra news from Perry via Kotaku. Read More

  • Rumor: PSP2 or PSP-4000 coming soon

    The fate of Sony’s portable handheld is wavering at the moment with poor sales and lackluster titles, but there’s still hope for a revamped design this year that might pull it out of the dark. Here we have two fresh rumors with one having a seed of truth while the other is ‘out there’. Read More

  • Those PSP2 rumors are wildly innacurate

    Flickr’d The rumors are wrong, Virginia, and Sony is not actively working on the PSP2. Rather, Sony is moving developers away from UMD and toward digital distribution, using the PSP store. Somehow, this was transformed into, “OMG SONY WORKING ON PSP2.” So all of that PSP2-next-year talk is nonsense, officially. Read More

  • The Sony PSP2 to come after one last PSP update

    The PSP has had a good run, but Sony is ready to move onto the next generation according to EuroGamer.  The PSP will receive one more refresh with the PSP-4000 in late ’09. It’s PSP2 after that. Details are not available about either the updated PSP or the successor as of yet. The last update of the PSP involved an updated screen (which is hated by some) and a couple of… Read More

  • Before and After, PSP Edition: Slim vs. Fatso

    Can you handle even more pics of the new and improved Sony PSP? Can you handle comparison shots between the PSP Fat and the PSP Slim? I actually just went into cardiac arrest checking out the side by side pictures of the two systems. The two more or less look the same, but the Slim is shinier than the Fat as well as “more roundie” as GamePro put it. Like Hickey pointed out… Read More