• PSP to get firmware v3.93 sometime this week

    It was supposed to drop today, but it’s been delayed. There’s a smidgen bit of good news and that’s limited to “support for PlayStation Network titles” but those of you using the free Internet radio channels will be thrilled with the addition of 20 more channels. PS Blog Read More

  • Sony-Ericsson's leaked patent shows the closest thing to a PSP-Phone we've seen yet

    [photopress:psp_design_1.jpg,full,center] Everyone wants to phight the iPhone, and now Sony is getting into the mix with help from it’s Sony-Ericsson partnership. Already pimping phones under the Walkman label, there’s been much speculation that a PSP-based phone was in the works, and now Sony-Ericsson has a patent for a video game-centric phone that has very PSP-looking… Read More

  • PSP2 concepts: the good, the bad, and the lego

    I don’t really see the need for a PSP2 at this time, considering the best games are probably yet to come (by the looks of God of War), but that hasn’t stopped Kotaku from holding a contest to design a new version of Sony’s sexy little handheld. Go give the guys a hand and vote something ridiculous up. PSP2 Concept Mega Gallery Extravaganza [Kotaku] Read More

  • PSP Cradle coming to Japan in late April

    If you happen to be in Japan on April 24th and you have a slim PSP and you have $62 to spare, you’ll be right in the eye of the perfect storm for buying this cradle thing. The included AV cables will allow you to hook your PSP up to your TV and control your favorite digital content from afar. If you just want the crade without the cables, it’ll run you about $46. For the record… Read More

  • PSP Go! Messenger gets green light on Friday

    That’s the new God of War PSP we told you about yesterday. Sony is set to launch their proprietary VoIP service dubbed Go! Messenger this Friday via the European PSP store. Again with the Europe-only-love, Sony? The service, for those unfamiliar, allows any and all PSP owners to send and receive voice and video messages (granted you have a PSP camera attachment) over a Wi-Fi connection. Read More

  • PSP's GPS demoed; Games are afoot

    [photopress:sony_psp_gps.jpg,full,center] We’ve been hearing for awhile now that the PSP was getting GPS, and it was recently shown off in Japan. It’s a devkit version, so this isn’t what it will likely look like, but so far besides general mapping Sony is demoing GPS-based games. There’s no way this could be used by creepy stalkers, especially in Japan. GPS… Read More

  • Threats to schools: Gangs, Drugs, PSPs

    [photopress:psp_battery_burn.jpg,full,left]Another week, another story of a gadget exploding and harming a child. Well, at least burning one. The gadget in question is a PSP, and a boy’s leg in Michigan was burned when it overheated and exploded. He’ll be okay, they were just minor burns, but I’ll bet you’ll all be eyeing your portables a little sideways now… Read More

  • Time to hack that Skypeable PSP?

    This is not what the latest firmware looks like. Feelin’ frisky? Not that we condone piracy or hacking of any sort, but I’m sure homebrewers out there want to get going on the latest firmware update for the PSP. Well, you needn’t fret any longer. Team M33 has already done it for you. Click on over and check it out. If you’re feeling uneasy about the whole thing then… Read More

  • Sony PSP Skype review

    So I’ve been trying to get Skype to work on my Darth Vader PSP all morning and for some reason the headset that was included doesn’t want to transmit my audio. During my test, I pinged Biggs and I could hear him loud and clear. There are no visible switches on the headset and nothing in the tools section to allow me to adjust the volume. I’ll keep fiddling with it and… Read More

  • Hands on with Sony PSP headphones, headset

    I’ll be testing these bad boys out a bit later tonight when I get my PSP set up with the latest firmware. Skype and PSP FTW! Read More

  • Skype for PSP is here! [Update]

    From Crackle: Skype on the PSP The official announcement that Skype would be coming to the PSP (PSP-2000 series only) came at CES and now we’re seeing signs that firmware v3.90 is set to roll out this week. It’s pretty straightforward. If you’ve used Skype then it should be a simple and painless process. In case you’re wondering what to expect later this week today… Read More

  • Hands on with Tannoy i-30, PSP dock

    In a world filled with 1,000s of iPod docks, do we really need another one? 95 percent of them are crap. Pure unadulterated pieces of shat. Single drivers just don’t cut it. I was skeptical going into Tannoy’s suite, but my jaw immediately dropped when the i-30 was fired up. Two 100mm iCT drivers had a full, rich sound that knocked the crap out of Bose’s iPod dock, which… Read More

  • Skype coming to PSP

    It’s been long rumored that Skype would be coming to the PSP and it appears we’ll see/hear something official at CES. This is a bit of surprising move because it has to make one wonder why Sony would be releasing another Mylo that’s had this functionality since the first one. I’m all for it either way. Just makes me scratch my head and wonder if the PSP group talks to… Read More

  • Streaming Internet radio coming soon to PSP

    With the update to firmware 3.80, the Sony PSP becomes a streaming Internet radio device. Screen shots of the software, which is “powered by Shoutcast,” are currently floating around the Internet and only provide the smallest of details, like better OPML and image handling in RSS. The “fun” details, like when we can expect a U.S. release or just what the relation is… Read More

  • Sony Aibo lives!

    It looks like Sony’s misunderstood and short lived pooch is making a return. According to Stuff, the new Aibo PS will be linking directly with your PSP and PS3 over Wi-Fi. You can also control the Aibo over the Web and watch streaming video and get e-mail alerts when you’re away thanks to facial recognition and motion sensors. Sony, for your sake I hope this one catches on and I… Read More

  • Sony misquoted about possible PlayStation phone

    Sony’s chief operating officer Jim Ryan told the Economic Times of India that a PlayStation phone was "definitely plausible" but later claimed that he was misquoted. A Sony UK spokesperson told, ""We do have talks with other arms of the Sony family about various topics but I can confirm we are not currently working together on the creation of… Read More

  • PLAYSTATION Store goes live: Download PSP, PSone games to your PSP, no PS3 required

    Sony rolled out its PLAYSTATION (all caps, like a Japanese heel pro wrestler’s name) Store for the PC today, only you’ll probably ask yourself why it didn’t call the store the PSP Online Store. Yes, you can fire up your Web browser of choice and navigate it on your computer, setting up an account, browsing what titles are available and so on, but you’ll need a PSP to… Read More

  • Deep Red PSPs coming next month

    Sony will be launching two new PSPs next month in Deep Red. Other than color the only thing worth noting is that one bundle will include a 1seg digital TV tuner with a 1GB Memory Stick Pro Duo and stand while the other just has a 32MB card. Whatevs. Press Release Read More

  • Sony's New Slim PSP Is Selling Like Hotcakes

    And by hotcakes, I mean the iPhone. The company announced today that it has sold over 500,000 Playstation Portable units in Japan during the two weeks since its debut. Funny thing is, Sony has sold more PSP Slims in the past two weeks than it ever did with the original version of the system. I suppose the emerging pattern of “thinner is better” really applies to technology and… Read More

  • Banned on Japanese airplanes: Playing DS, using other similar devices

    Man, Japan’s usually hip to technology, but this news sorta diminishes that perception. A revised law means that passengers on board Japanese airplanes will no longer be able to use video game systems with built-in wireless functionality. So say goodbye to the DS and PSP whip out the Game Gear. The law doesn’t stop there, oh no. It also prevents the use of pretty much… Read More

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