• Upcoming PSP games sure to be hits, relatively

    For those of us who still – at least partially – care bout the PSP vgchartz has a nice list of upcoming games including Prinny: Can I Really Be the Hero?, LocoRoco 2, and whatever game involves a blond, androgynous man playing solitaire. Read More

  • What should Sony do with the PSP?

    It seems Sony is asking gamers what they think of the PSP, which means Sony has no idea what it wants the PSP to be. Do you use it for gaming exclusively, or do you also use it as a media player? Do you exclusively use it as a media player? Will you please buy 10 PSPs and five games per system so we don’t close a bunch of divisions? And so on. Read More

  • Sony sues Datel over its Max Power Digital tool: Could be used to hack PSP

    Datel and Sony Computer Entertainment Europe clearly don’t like each other very much. How do we know this? SCEE has taken Datel to court over its as yet unreleased “Lite Blue Tool,” which has been renamed the Max Power Digital. The device would let users hack, in a sense, the PSP. Sony didn’t care for this very much, and is now in lawsuit mode. Read More

  • Those PSP2 rumors are wildly innacurate

    Flickr’d The rumors are wrong, Virginia, and Sony is not actively working on the PSP2. Rather, Sony is moving developers away from UMD and toward digital distribution, using the PSP store. Somehow, this was transformed into, “OMG SONY WORKING ON PSP2.” So all of that PSP2-next-year talk is nonsense, officially. Read More

  • The Sony PSP2 to come after one last PSP update

    The PSP has had a good run, but Sony is ready to move onto the next generation according to EuroGamer.  The PSP will receive one more refresh with the PSP-4000 in late ’09. It’s PSP2 after that. Details are not available about either the updated PSP or the successor as of yet. The last update of the PSP involved an updated screen (which is hated by some) and a couple of… Read More

  • Rumor: Little Big Planet, MotorStorm coming to PSP

    Image from SDF Rumors of LBP coming to the PSP have been swirling for months and according to D-Pad‘s source the rumors are true. An insider going by the handle Legends was in attendance at Sony’s annual staff briefing in London over the weekend and claims to have seen a demo of LBP on the handheld gaming device. He/she/it also claims that it’s been in development for the… Read More

  • PSP 3000 now fully hackable with Datel's Lite Blue Tool

    The PSP 3000 is now (well, in a few weeks) fully hackable. Datel’s Lite Blue Tool battery is able to put the system into service mode, and from then on you’re able to flash it with custom firmware. You know, for “homebrew.” Till now, the PSP 3000 was unhackable, precluding gamers from hopping on Usenet, downloading the latest PSP ISO and loading it on their memory stick. Read More

  • Sony kills off 4GB PSP Entertainment pack, blames success of Ratchet and Clank pack

    Hope you didn’t have your heart set on the PSP 4GB Entertainment Pack that Sony announced at the Leipzig Games Convention. That’s because the pack was just axed, the victim, strangely enough, of the overwhelming success of the Ratchet and Clank PSP pack. It seems Ratchet and Clank pack is selling so well that Sony and its retail partners—Best Buy, Wal-Mart… Read More

  • Review: Sony PSP-3000

    I have before me the Limited Edition Ratchet & Clank PSP Entertainment Pack. And with said pack comes a silver PSP-3000, Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters, National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets, a 1GB Memory Stick PRO Duo and a voucher for echochrome. Many have wondered if it’s worth the upgrade or if it’s in any way distinguishable from the previous generation. It is and it… Read More

  • PSP firmware v5.01 available for download

    PSP owners- Fire em up and download the update. Read More

  • PSP firmware v5.0 flawed, v5.01 coming soon, says Sony Good afternoon, PSP owners. If you have yourself an 8GB or 16GB Memory Stick Pro Duo and have had some issues downloading content from the PlayStation store then you’re not alone. For some reason you’ll be prompted that your memory card doesn’t have enough room when, in fact, it probably does. Sony will be pushing out an… Read More

  • PSP-3000 screen defects a hardware feature, no way to fix 'em

    It is with a heavy heart that I bring this awful, terrible news: those scanlines and other screen defects discovered in the PSP-3000? Sony totally meant for that to happen. To borrow a Slashdotism, it’s a feature not a bug. Sony Japan said this: PSP-3000 has a new LCD device with vastly improved picture quality, achieving a more natural and vivid picture than older models. By improving… Read More

  • Video: PSP accessing PlayStation store demo Here’s a demo of the PSP accessing the PlayStation store in case you guys haven’t hacked your PSP and want to legally download games. On a side note, I’m thoroughly enjoying EA’s NCAA Football 09. My Beavs are kicking ass! Read More

  • PS3 and PSP updates enable much newness

    The latest updates for the PS3 and PSP adds a pretty fair amount of useful functionality. You can customize when your PS3 and controllers go to sleep, and can set your PS3 to shut down after finishing a big download. There’s support for the new SOCOM bluetooth headset, you can now see more info on friends who aren’t online, and you can take screenshots in-game now, if the game… Read More

  • It's true: PSP getting DualShock 3 compatibility

    Sweet. Sony has revealed upcoming software for the PSP that will allow PSP owners to hook up their handhelds to their PS3 DualShock 3 controllers for some dual-analog and rumble action. However, PSP Plus only supports Resistance Retribution at the moment, says Joystiq. Read More

  • PlayStation Store coming to the PSP

    This was surely in the works long before Nintendo made their DSi announcement, but I’ll be damned if Sony wasn’t a little PO’d about Nintendo stealing some of their thunder. Come October 15, in Japan, you’ll have access to all sorts of downloadable content and service. All forthcoming UMD titles from Sony Japan will come in downloadable form as well. Some titles will… Read More

  • PSP firmware v5 will surely save the platform from extinction

    There’s not a lot of content in this video of PSP firmware v5.0 but you can expect to see the PSN store, a new RSS reader, and a snapshot tool for taking screenshots of games. Pretty exciting, right? More importantly, a firmware upgrade will ensure that PSP hackers will have to spend a few minutes hacking this version of the software and then go back to drinking Mountain Dew and eating… Read More

  • Xbox 360 sales beat out PS3 in Japan for the first time, Nintendo still kicking ass

    September was a monumental month for Microsoft in Japan. The Xbox 360 console sold 53,547 units to Sony’s 33,071 units sold. But Nintendo’s Wii sales practically doubled that of the 360 with 109,548 units sold. The boost in sales for the 360 had a lot to do with the recent price cut and the launch of Square Enix’s Infinite Undiscovery, says Reuters. The now outdated DS… Read More

  • Sony sayz PS3 & PSP are selling very well

    The looming – or is it already here? – economic crisis is going to hurt most CE companies this Christmas season. Sony is stating though that the company is on track with 30% better sales than originally thought and even with slow holiday sales, the PS3 will hit the expectations. That means the PS3 will sell 10 million units by March of ’09 with the PSP sales hitting… Read More

  • Sony assures us PSP 3rd-party support will improve next year

    According to SCEA’s Director of Hardware Marketing John Koller (an objective source if I ever heard of one), the recent slump in PSP releases is a sort of ripple effect from poor hardware sales “20-22 months ago,” which is one of those over-specific assessments that reeks of specious market research. Kind of like how they are now counting on young mothers as the latest… Read More

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