• Go!Messenger VoIP app for Sony PSP goes bye bye next month

    Sony Computer Entertainment Europe has confirmed that it plans to shut down Go!Messanger, a VoIP application that was technically only available in Europe. (Hence, the SCEE confirmation.) There’s a silver lining, though: no jobs will be lost as a result of the shutdown. Read More

  • Rumor: PSP2 or PSP-4000 coming soon

    The fate of Sony’s portable handheld is wavering at the moment with poor sales and lackluster titles, but there’s still hope for a revamped design this year that might pull it out of the dark. Here we have two fresh rumors with one having a seed of truth while the other is ‘out there’. Read More

  • Sony PSP firmware 5.05 is out, sort of

    There’s a new PSP firmware update lurking around and it remains to be seen if it will be pushed out to everyone. Read More

  • Sony has sold 50 million PSPs so far (to 96 million Nintendo DSs)

    There’s not a damn thing I can add vis-à-vis the PSP’s performance to what Mr. Joel Johnson, OBE, wrote the other day, so good on him. I will, however, note that Sony is blaring its victory trumpets today. Why is that? It seems Sony has sold a whopping 50 million PSPs, worldwide, since its December, 2004 launch in Japan. That’s as of January, 2009, too, so the actual number… Read More

  • Sony and the fall of the PSP

    Joel at BBG writes a stirring piece on the PSP and its promise. I remember Joel IMing me back in 2005 while he was standing in the hot sun in line at E3 to see Sony’s vaunted handheld – “Sony gave me cancer” – and how excited we all were when we first saw this bugger. Now, however, my PSP is basically a retro-gaming box with a wide range of potential piracy… Read More

  • PSP now available in even more colors

    You know that a product is nearing its death once it’s available in every color under the rainbow. European gamers will soon be able to pick up the PSP in three new colors just as Japanese gamers now have carnival colors available. Mystic Silver and Pearl White should be available now and Radiant Red is coming in March. So how many PSP colors are available now? Nine including the two… Read More

  • Those PSP 2 rumors are rubbish

    As if we even need to relay this information, but those PSP 2 rumors from yesterday are completely baseless. Do not get excited, do not lose sleep. Go about your day as if you never heard the rumor. Read More

  • Rumor: New PSP to sport touchscreen, possibly but not probably 3G

    The various iterations of the PSP have seen success, perceived as only modest success due to the runaway sales of the DS. The PSP 3000 actually had some real changes in it, not unlike the DSi, but some think that a more radical reinvention of Sony’s underappreciated handheld is in the cards. Read More

  • Upcoming Resistance for PSP can be controlled with the PS3's SIXAXIS

    ot too long ago we asked how you would improve the PSP if given half a chance. One response, and a common thread on many a message board, was to add a second joystick (or “nub”), making the task of porting over PS2 games, and generally delivering a more console-like experience, all the more easy for developers. One such developer, Sony Bend, which developed the PSP Syphon Filter… Read More

  • England's Arsenal FC to launch Sony PSP-assisted instant replay for fans next year

    English football team Arsenal FC will experiment with Sony PSP-delivered instant replays in the next 18 months. The system, which will also allow Emirates attendees to view the game playing before their very eyes on the PSP (different camera angles and the like), has been in the works for a little while now. It’s the first scheme of its kind. Read More

  • PSP gets a minor update

    Oh, the PSP. Got to love Sony’s little handheld. The latest update isn’t major but per Sony, it doesn’t improve the systems stability while using some of the PSP’s features. What features, you ask? We have no idea. Update your PSP and let us know if you see a anything. Read More

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