• Sony PSP Download Service Coming Alongside PS3 Launch

    Sony’s download service for the PSP, which will allow users to download PlayStation 1 games onto their portables, will be launched simultaneously this Fall with the PS3. The reason for this double launch is because Sony is going to use the PS3 as a hub to manage downloads and digital distribution. So all the original PS1 games and downloaded movies will have to pass through your PS3… Read More

  • Sony Officially Announces and Prices PSP GPS and Camera

    The launch date for the Sony PSP camera has been set for November 2 in Japan, retailing for 5,000 Yen ($42). The camera can be used as a webcam, thanks to its 1.3 megapixel sensor and microphone. With the PSP’s WiFi, and appropriate software, it should probably be useful as a VoIP solution. The Sony PSP GPS receiver will be on sale in Japan December 7 for 6,000 Yen ($51), and will… Read More

  • Gadgets Royale

    We write for this blog because we love gadgets, which is probably the same reason you read us. On a daily basis, we pack Treos, iPods, PSPs, laptops and smartphones around wherever we go. These are our tools, and we are good with them. But there is one man who outshines us all. This gentleman is known for tree things: ruthless tactics, suave style and gadgets. Well, beautiful girls, too… Read More

  • PSP Says "Hello, World!" and Soon Will Say Much More

    Sony hates it when people mess around with the innards of their popular PSP. It’s an arms race, really, with the users putting together pieces of unsigned code to run on their units, and Sony updating the official firmware to kill the fun. Somebody at Sony is going to be up late tonight, as the sexy libTIFF exploit has hit the streets. Using a buffer overflow flaw in the PSPs image… Read More

  • Gear4 SonicBoom PSP Speakers

    If iPods can get tens of speaker sets, why can’t the PSP? Gear4 agrees, and gives us the SonicBoom. The name is a bit of wishful thinking, but it will improve sound quality beyond the dinky little things built into your PlayStation Portable. The device has a 1/8-inch stereo jack for plugging into your PSP, but if you want to stick any old MP3 player in there, the SonicBoom… Read More