Both Nintendo 3DS and PSP-4000 to be released this year in Japan?

<img /> It would make a lot of sense, but take this with a grain of salt: major Japanese game and movie retailer <a href="">Geo Corp.</a> states in its latest financia

Predictable rumor: There will be a Sony PSP-4000

<img src="" />Word on the street is that Sony <i>will</i> release a PSP-4000. You act surprised.

Rumor: PSP2 or PSP-4000 coming soon

The Sony PSP2 to come after one last PSP update

The PSP has had a good run, but Sony is ready to move onto the next generation according to EuroGamer.  The PSP will receive one more refresh with the PSP-4000 in late ’09. It’s PSP2