U.K. Police Arrest Alleged Lizard Squad Hacker

Vinnie Omari, alleged member of the Lizard Squad, the hacking crew that took down both Xbox Live and the Playstation Network on Christmas, was arrested in Twickenham on December 31. Omari provided det

PlayStation Network Suffers DDOS Attack, Hackers Claim To Have Grounded SOE President’s Plane

PlayStation Network is currently experiencing mass outages for North American users, and the reason behind the downtime is a DDOS attack for which hacker group Lizard Squad has claimed responsibility.

Gritty Superhero Detective Comic ‘Powers’ Is PlayStation Network’s First Original TV Show

What happens when superheroes either commit or are the victims of violent crime? That’s the question Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Avon Oeming set out to answer with Powers, their original co

SCEA's Jack Tretton Talks About PSN Outage: "I Apologize"

SCEA’s CEO Jack Tretton took to the stage today to talk about the PSN outage that has effected the gaming platform’s online play for the past weeks. Tretton thanked the PS3 supporters and

The PSN Network Is Back

[youtube] Sony just announced that the Playstation Network is back up for almost everyone. People in Japan, Hong Kong, and Korea are, sad

PSN Hacked Again, Albeit Mildly

<img src="" class="right">Another day, another <a HREF="">PSN</a> hack. This time we fa

Sony CEO Goes On The Defensive In Face Of PSN Outage Criticisms

<img src="" />Howard Stringer, <a href="">Sony's</a> CEO and the most visible tar

The Playstation Network Is Back

According to Sony, the Playstation Network is back online in North America and the US. You will need to upgrade your firmware to 3.6.1 and change your password to play. Our long national nightmare is

PSN Debacle Starts To Show At Retail As PS3 Trade-Ins Skyrocket

<img src="" />If anyone was on the fence about whether or not to trade in their PS3, the last few weeks seem to have caused them to make u

Capcom: PSN Outage "Costing Us Hundreds Of Thousands, If Not Millions"

While gamers around the world are pining for their online play and PSN store access, the companies that rely on the service to sell games are really feeling it. Capcom is one of many PSN-reliant compa

The PSN Outage Should Last Until May 31st

<img src="">Sony is performing the old salt-in-the-wound trick by informing <a HREF="

Sony Says PSN Services Will Resume Shortly, Offers Apology

<img src="" />As the initial hysteria (mostly justified) surrounding the <a href="

More PSN Developments: FBI, Credit Card Databases, And Hard Questions For Sony

<img src="" />The PSN debacle is continually evolving as the extent of the damage is made clear, though it should be noted that we're s

New Bionic Commando On PSN Won’t Let You Play Offline

This is really too bad; I was looking forward to this game, despite the unpardonable offense of getting jumping in my Bionic Commando. It turns out that Rearmed 2 has DRM that, like a few other games

NEO-GEO Games Coming To PS3 On December 21st

<img src="" />December 21st is looking to be a big day for the PS3. Well, also a short day if you're talking about <em>duration</em>.

Don't Use That Jailbroken PS3 Online

You might want to hold off on jailbreaking your PS3, particularly if you spend much time online. Turns out that Sony can detect the software ID used by the program used for jailbreaking, and then ban

"Playstation Plus" – in which you pay Sony so you can borrow demos and PS3 themes

There’s always a hardcore market. But $50/year may be too steep for what they’re offering. Early access to demos, special themes, and a handful of mini games? I don’t know. And it al

PSN Premium rumor has the Internets shaking in its boots

<img src="" />In my lower moments I can be found browsing various message boards, watching mere children argue over what video game c

Anime as far as the eye can see on newly launched PSP/PSN store in Japan

<img src="" />This machine translation is a little rough, but <i>I think</i> a PSP/PSN Store just launched (or re-launched, dependin

Namco releases Museum Essentials for the PlayStation Network

Namco, creators of such classics like Pac-Man, Galaga and Dig Dug, have announced Museum Essentials for the PlayStation Network. Now you can play the aforementioned games along with Dragon Spirit and
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