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Sofy raises cash to grow its no-code mobile app testing platform

Sofy, a startup developing a testing platform for mobile app devs it claims is used by Microsoft, today closed a $7.75 million seed round that brings its total capital raised to $9.5 million. Voyager

Dance Church raises $4.7M to get your bootie back on the (virtual) dance floor

Our DJ, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name. Thy dancefloor come, thy steps be done, on earth, as it is at Dance Church. The 11-year-old startup, which started back in 2010 as an in-person experie

Copper Banking adds $9M in funding as digital banks clamor for teen customers

Copper Banking, a digital banking service aimed at teens, announced today it has raised a total of $13.3 million in seed funding. PSL Ventures, an arm of Pioneer Square Labs, led a $4.3 million raise

Read AI raises $10M, creates virtual meeting dashboard to show you when you talk too much

Read Dashboard sits in virtual meetings to measure engagement, performance and sentiment among participants.