Nokia loses top technologist and former Symbian CTO Charles Davies to TomTom

<img src="" class="shot2" /> <a href="">Nokia</a> is having a rough month. First, it saw itself forced to <a href="https://

Legal slap-fight over 'Netbook' moniker is behind us

<img src="" alt="netbook" />Late last year <a href="">we

Psion defends ‘netbook’ trademark, saying it still sells ‘Netbook Pro’ computer

<img src="">And here we go again. After Dell (and later Intel) petitioned to have Psion’s “netbook” trademark canceled, claimin

Dell challenges Psion’s ‘netbook’ trademark

<img src="">More information concerning Psion, the company that trademarked the word “netbook” back in 2000. You’l