• PSA: Toshiba Recalls 41,000 Laptops For Overheating

    Bad news if you own a Toshiba Satellite T130 notebook. It’s got a flaw. In fact, the CPSC (Consumer Protection Safety Comission) just issued a recall for about 41,000 notebook computers, siting a flaw in the plastic casing around the AC adapter plug. Apparently there’s a problem with the DC-in harness that can cause the plastic to melt, causing minor burns. Apparently Toshiba… Read More

  • A quick PSA on "dots" versus "pixels" in LCDs

    These days, when you go to look up the specs on a new camera or camcorder, one of the first things you check out is the LCD. But as often as not, you’ll be hit with an unfamiliar number: some huge quantity of “dots.” Most people aren’t familiar with this metric, as it is a slightly technical one — which is the reason it was chosen instead of the more common… Read More

  • Quick PSA: Eyjafjallajökull is erupting again

    Looks like you’ll have to put off that vacation to beautiful Iceland yet again. The volcano whose name must not be spoken has resumed erupting and is at this moment spewing potentially flight-grounding ash and silicates into the brisk Scandinavian air. Seriously, though, if you were planning on a trip or shipment to or from the area affected, better make alternate plans. [image via… Read More

  • Don't buy Lord Of The Rings on Blu-ray (yet)

    So Lord of the Rings (hereafter called LOTR) is coming out on Blu-ray tomorrow. Cool, having it in HD will nice. Better sound and maybe better picture. But you shouldn’t buy the version that comes out tomorrow, because you won’t be happy. Read More

  • CrunchGear PSA: Tech tax deductions

    I did my taxes recently, and this is the first year that I actually bothered to deduct for all those things that I buy over the year for my job. It was confusing frankly, and I wish I’d read this article before I did it. Hopefully you’ll read this in time to do your deductions correctly, and not make the same mistakes I did (which caused me to miss out on several things I could… Read More

  • Canon 5D mk II update is live

    Yes indeed! The update, detailed here, is live live live! 24p, better audio bitrates, and a sandwich. Get your update on here. It’s actually been live for a while. But, you know, in case you were wondering. Read More

  • PSA: Use your computer's SPDIF connection if it has one

    I’ll just come out and say it. I’m dumb. Clearly. I’ve been listening to music from my computer for ages. Longer than some of you have surfing the Internet, but I’ve never used a computer’s SPDIF connection before. It’s been on my last few primary computers, too. Instead, I’ve just been using a simple L/R Y-cable to pipe the audio into an Onkyo… Read More

  • Aperture 3 is making Macs freak out – be careful out there, children

    Just a quick PSA: Aperture 3 is causing some Macs to write an enormous page file taking up the entire hard drive. If you were thinking of installing it and transferring over your collection, you might want to wait until they iron out this particular wrinkle. No official word on a fix yet. What did you expect? It’s a new release from Apple. Read More

  • PSA: It's AMBER alert awareness day

    Today is AMBER alert awareness day, so this is as good a time as any to get a ID kit for you child. The kits are sold on the official AMBER alert website, and allows you to store all of your child’s information (as well as information about the rest of the family) in one easy to carry USB device. You can purchase the My Child ID kits for $39.95 from the AMBER alert website. Read More

  • Apple performance update weighs in at around 300… kilobytes? That can't be right

    Oh Snow Leopard, you have made my day. Remember when updates used to be in the hundreds of megabytes? Your unified architecture has slimmed down apps and updates so much that they are only a thousandth the size now. Or it could be that it’s just a tiny patch to fix an uncommon but problematic hard drive error (since it’s only 22KB more for Leopard). Either way, the update is there. Read More

  • Public Service Announcement: The Zune HD is nigh unreadable in direct sunlight. Just sayin'.

    Sometime in the past two weeks I decided, with some thought being put into is, to buy a Zune HD. Why, I don’t know; I thought it looked neat, and I was thoroughly unimpressed with the new iPods Apple showed off at that Rock and Roll event. For the most part the Zune HD is, indeed, neat. Its user interface is miles ahead of the iPod’s, and, with a little forethought, can be used… Read More