• 'Make Digital Easy' author says HD DVD is 'better product'

    Yet another “HD DVD wins, Blu-ray stinks” article made the rounds this weekend, only it’s from a guy whose opinion actually means something (I think). Don Lindich, whose “Digital Made Easy” books—I don’t know—make digital easy, says HD DVD is the better value right now. An abundance of cheap players, increased studio support, Wal-Mart support… Read More

  • What video game consoles you own says about your dating ability

    Surely you’ve heard of, what with its stupid commercials on TV at all hours of the day. And surely you own a video game console, be it the PS3, 360 or Wii. Putting the two together, what does tell prospective ladies about your owning a video game console, since, according two Nielsen, two-thirds of all guys between 18-34 play video games? If you own a PS3, says… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: $399 PS3 with movie, game, HDMI cable

    Sure, you can get the 40GB PlayStation 3 console with free Spiderman Blu-ray movie for $399 just about anywhere but at Dell, you can get the same bundle PLUS Ratchet and Clank Future: TOD and an HDMI cable thrown in as well. This isn’t going to cause mass hysteria by any means but for anyone getting set to buy a PS3 to hook up to a nice shiny HDTV via HDMI, you might as well get some… Read More

  • Sony, I don't understand your commercials Does anyone understand this at all? What is Sony doing? Read More

  • Sony to go *hog wild* for 40GB PS3 launch

    Sony releases the 40GB PS3 tomorrow. Who cares, right? Well Sony is poised to spend an insane amount of money getting the word out, with a marketing vice president calling it the “largest ever” hardware branding in SCEA’s history. Unlike last year’s, shall we say, underwhelming PS3 launch, where Sony trumpeted raw power over “fun,” this time around Sony… Read More

  • Japanese Simpsons Game commercial is FUN FUN

    This official YouTube video from Electronic Arts features a commercial for the Japanese version of The Simpsons Game. It features the lovely talking head of Mr. Sparkle from the episode of The Simpsons where they go to Japan and mess everything up. The entire time during the commercial, tons of crazy stuff is going on and apparently Lisa is SUPEREME LISA in Big Super Happy Fun Fun. Just watch… Read More

  • China pirates games like it's 1999

    When searching for pirates on Google, this guy came up. I’m still giggling. We allude to piracy here every so often. The Chinese pirate like its their job. A former Microsoft employee explained what’s what in the world of Chinese video game piracy. Not only is it out in the open, but it’s so easy even a caveman could do it. Game piracy reflects general video game sales: the… Read More

  • DualShock 3 finally a reality (at least next year)

    For all two dozen of you PS3 owners out there, you’ll be happy to hear that the next firmware update will include rumbler support for your controllers again. It’s been missing since the PS2, and both game makers and player have wanted their DualShock Shake, and now they finally have it. The new DualShock 3 controllers won’t arrive until well after Xmas, so if this has been… Read More

  • LavaGlow PS3 controller: Oh wow, man

    If your PS3 controllers are clashing with your blacklight poster of Zep and your 4-foot bong for tobacco use only then why not drop $34.99 on some LavaGlow PS3 controllers with real lava glowing handles. Are they particularly better than standard controllers? Well, they’re cheaper and they glow, so that’s two pluses right there. They take 3 AAA batteries and a copy of Freedom Rock. Read More

  • Playstation 3 developers being begged to stay?

    Take note fellow gamers, as our beloved Sony Playstation 3 may not have as many stellar hits as the PS2 and PS1 had. Apparently Sony is actually begging third-party developers to stay on board and finish PS3 games despite the console’s lack of popularity. I highly agree with this statement from Dean Takahashi of Mercury News: “The argument is that the PS3 will show its strength… Read More

  • Pelican debuts PS3 Controller Charging Station

    Want your other controllers charged while you sit there, playing NBA Live ’08? Of course you do. So in a few weeks, you may want to give Pelican’s Controller Charging Station a whirl. In a modern, tiered design, this station can charge up to four PS3 controllers via mini USB. Only two can be held in midair though. There’s two USB ports on the side in case you want to charge… Read More

  • $400 PS3 ships next month

    We’ve heard plenty of rumors about a 40GB PS3 for $400 a few times, but now Sony is getting all official on us. Come November 2nd, you’ll be able to buy a Playstation 3 for the low price of $399. Need more storage? The 80GB version is taking a dive in price from $599 to $499. Slap another $100 down on a game and a Blu-ray flick and you’re good to go. It’d be nice if… Read More

  • Rock Band only available as a bundle at launch

    What’s up with Rock Band? We know, thanks to Peter “Surfing magazine is synonymous with surfing” Ha, that the game will “rock and roll” into our hearts on November 23 for $170. That price includes the game itself, guitar, drums and microphone. Don’t expect the game to be available sans-bundle, however, since the one bundle-only configuration helps keep… Read More

  • GAME store employee caught stealing PS3 for some reason

    If you’re a trainee manager at a video game store, and you really, really want a PS3, then you shouldn’t be working at a video game store in the first place should wait until you’re a regular staffer and use your employee discount to get one at a discounted rate. Do not be like this idiot in England and try to steal one. They’re the kind of thing that people notice… Read More

  • Playstation 3 EyeCreate Demos

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    Read More

  • How would a $400 PS3 affect holiday sales?

    Sales of this, however, are expected to surge While a $400 PS3 still hasn’t officially been announced for North America yet, let’s assume it’s going to happen. Let’s also assume it happens in time for the holiday shopping season. Where would this put Sony, vis-a-vis Microsoft and Nintendo? According to several industry analysts, don’t expect Sony to rocket to the… Read More

  • 40GB PS3 won't do backwards compatibility in hardware, Sony doesn't want to deal with software emulation

    Now we are all sad clowns Yes, we now know the 40GB is as real as Opie’s sports curse, but there’s a catch: backwards compatibility has taken a hit. Wait, that’s putting it mildly: Sony couldn’t give a damn about backwards compatibility. The system, which will retail for around $400, lacks the PS2 circuitry that made emulation on earlier PS3 models effortless. Now… Read More

  • White 40GB PS3 hitting Japan

    As if we didn’t already know about the 40GB PS3 making its debut, we, however, were unaware that a white version would be loosed into the concrete jungles of Japan with DualShock 3 controllers. That’s right, folks, a 40GB console is set for a November 11th launch sans memory card slot and SACD reading function, which means no backwards compatibility. The four USB ports on… Read More

  • 40GB PS3 to hit Europe on October 10th

    If you’re American going into the bathroom and you’re American coming out of the bathroom, what are you while you’re in the bathroom? European. If you are, in fact, European, you’ll be delighted to know that in preparation for this holiday season, Sony has decided to grace you with the 40GB PS3’s presence and will let you buy it for EUR399, roughly $165 more than… Read More

  • SEGA Winter Wonderland Event

    Yesterday, I managed to muster enough strength to drag myself to SEGA’s Winter Wonderland event at the Royalton Hotel in Manhattan. Upon arriving at the Penthouse floor, I saw a few LCD screens setup, all with Xbox 360s or Nintendo Wiis – not one PS3. There were only seven to 10 games total to see and all the coolest ones were under embargo, so the event was pretty lame. Read More