• A Closer Look At Playstation Home's Future

    In the US, Playstation Home is rather mundane. Other than additions like voice chat and in-network game launching, it has been the same since its 2008 launch. That’s about to change according to statements made at this year’s GDC by Masami Kando, head of the Home project at Sony. Read More

  • Interview With Sony's Head Of R&D, Dr. Richard Marks

    Gamasutra had a good interview with Sony’s head of R&D, Dr. Richard Marks — it’s well worth the read. They talk about how he got his start in high school at a game shop his pop owned playing loads of old school games. He then moved on to study aerospace engineering in college where he found his love for robotics. Something he says is very similar to video gaming. Read More

  • PS3 To Be Re-Secured by 3.60 Firmware

    The “epic fail” of PS3 security discovered by hackers in January and pried open further by Geohot (who is now being sued) may be fixed with the latest patch to the PS3. This is the natural way of things, of course. Read More

  • Sony Wins Case Against LG. LG Ordered To Pay

    Sony has won their case against LG. The more than 300,000 PS3’s that were seized will be returned to Sony. Also, all future shipments into Europe will continue without any issues. Read More

  • Sony Announces Game Save Storage On The Cloud

    Today, Sony announced cloud computing on the PS3 exclusively for PlayStation Plus subscribers. The cloud will allow gamers to upload all their game save data to the network, with up to 150 MB of storage. The online storage will be available March 10 and more PS3 titles will release with the capability to take advantage of the feature. Read More

  • Judge Allows Sony's Request For Identifying Information For Anyone Who Visited Hacker's Sites

    This is a rather disturbing turn of events. Federal Magistrate Joseph Spero has approved a request by Sony to subpoena the hacker GeoHot’s web host, as well as YouTube, Google, and Twitter, for identifying information on anyone who has accessed, commented, or viewed information relating to the hack. At best this is lazy on Sony’s part and irresponsible on Magistrate Spero’s… Read More

  • With Injunction, LG Temporarily Stops European PS3 Imports

    The feud between Korea’s LG and Japan’s Sony has just hotted up. LG has won a preliminary injunction against Sony in Europe, the result of which is the temporary banning of the importation of PS3s into the continent. LG says Sony infringed on a number of its patents, specifically with regard to Blu-ray playback. Hence, the preliminary injunction. Read More

  • Steam Gets "Big Picture Mode" For PS3

    Portal 2 may be coming to the PS3 and bringing cross-platform play and some Steam elements with it, but the Steam interface is really designed for mouse navigation, not analog sticks. Valve is looking to fix that with a special “big picture mode” designed for use with big TVs and console controllers. Read More

  • PS3 Hacker: The Only Way I'll Stop Is If Sony Kills Me

    Oh dear. Sony has now sued graf_chokolo for one million euros. What’s the point? What is this going to accomplish, outside of paying for a bunch of lawyers’ holidays? Read More

  • Rumor: Fearing ‘Mainstream’ Piracy, Sony Mulling Over ‘Hack-Proof’ PS3

    Sony is said to be working on a “hack-proof” PS3. So saysa rumor attributed to an anonymous source—the best kind of rumor, of course. The new PS3 would replace all currently existing PS3 SKUs. Whether or not the new SKU sees the light of day depends on how Sony’s lawsuit against George “Geohot” Hotz fares. Read More

  • PS3 Gets NTFS Support

    This isn’t big news to anyone but PS3 hackers, but I wanted to include it just as a “ahhh yeah” shout-out to all the people fighting to use their hardware however they like. The PS3 is limited to FAT32 formatting, but with the release of this library, you can now hot-swap NTFS-formatted drives, making home development and backup easier — as well as perhaps allowing… Read More

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