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The PS3 Slim vertical stand will cost $25

Okay, who is surprised by this pricing? Anyone? Probably not. Official add-ons have been overpriced for decades and the vertical stand for the PS3 Slim is no different. All this means is that shortly

Poll: Are you going to buy a PS3 Slim?

Now that Sony finally dropped the price of the PS3 down to $300 will you buy one? A better question might be: are you going to pick up a 80GB or 160GB PS3 because the Slim doesn’t support Linux?

Gallery: Sony PS3 Slim [Update]

<img src="" alt="" />We’ve just received the official images and press release from Sony regarding the PS3 Slim. The new SKU, CECH-2

Finally! PS3 Slim in September for $299

<img src="" />Sony just finished its big press conference at GamesCom, a sort of European E3. The big news: yes, the PS3 Slim is real, and

Kmart and Sears have a product page for the PS3 Slim – ZOMG!

Oh boy, kiddies. The PS3 Slim rumor just got a whole lot more credible. Kmart and Sears both have a product page live for the PS3 Slim. The Sears page even states the following PS3, SLIM High-Definiti

Video: A PS3 Slim Ghost Story

<img src="" />Maybe this explains why Peter hasn't been around lately. It seems that blogger are being <del datetime="2009-08-11T00:02:52+

PS3 Slim, anyone? Sony just ordered a whole bunch of PS3 components

<img src="" />The rumors surrounding a possible PS3 Slim continue, annoyingly. DigiTimes, the paper of record when it comes to what's be

Hey, look! It's a ‘PS3 Konsole slim’ on Amazon Germany

<img src="" /> Sharp eyes have spotted a certain “PlayStation 3 Konsole slim” on Amazon's German Web site. The listing, which has no

Video: Is this the PS3 Slim? Is it really already on sale?

<img src="" alt="" />There's no way of knowing whether this shady video taken in the Philippines is of the real PS3 Slim, but <a href=

Foxconn declines comment on PS3 Slim contract

<img src="" alt="" />Attempting to quell earlier reports that they’ve signed an agreement with Sony to build the rumored PS3 Slim, Foxcon

Sony to ship PS3 Slim next month?

<img src="" alt="" />The secrecy over the PS3 Slim continues to unravel with news that Foxconn have been contracted to manufacture and ship