ps3 slim

  • The PS3 Slim vertical stand will cost $25

    Okay, who is surprised by this pricing? Anyone? Probably not. Official add-ons have been overpriced for decades and the vertical stand for the PS3 Slim is no different. All this means is that shortly after the launch, 3rd party companies will out their own version that will cost $10 to $15. Or you can just lay it flat for free. Read More

  • Poll: Are you going to buy a PS3 Slim?

    Now that Sony finally dropped the price of the PS3 down to $300 will you buy one? A better question might be: are you going to pick up a 80GB or 160GB PS3 because the Slim doesn’t support Linux? Sound off in comments on that last one. {democracy:64} Read More

  • Gallery: Sony PS3 Slim [Update]

    We’ve just received the official images and press release from Sony regarding the PS3 Slim. The new SKU, CECH-2000A, will rock a 120GB HDD and goes on sale in NA, Europe/PAL and Asian countries on September 1 for $299 and €299, respectively. Surprisingly, Japan will get the Slim two days later for 29,980 yen. The 80GB PS3 price drops down to $299 starting today in NA and down to… Read More

  • Finally! PS3 Slim in September for $299

    Sony just finished its big press conference at GamesCom, a sort of European E3. The big news: yes, the PS3 Slim is real, and it’s coming next month for $299. Read More

  • Kmart and Sears have a product page for the PS3 Slim – ZOMG!

    Oh boy, kiddies. The PS3 Slim rumor just got a whole lot more credible. Kmart and Sears both have a product page live for the PS3 Slim. The Sears page even states the following PS3, SLIM High-Definition Blu-ray player for the best movie experience. Free PLAYSTATION Network membership. 120GB HDD for downloading games, music, videos, and photos. Includes DUAL SHOCK 3 controller. HDMI output… Read More

  • Video: A PS3 Slim Ghost Story

    Maybe this explains why Peter hasn’t been around lately. It seems that blogger are being brutally murdered politely asked to remove confidential information whenever they write about the upcoming… well, let’s just say it isn’t the fat PS3. I haven’t had any mysterious knocks on my door, but these guys weren’t so lucky. Read More

  • PS3 Slim, anyone? Sony just ordered a whole bunch of PS3 components

    The rumors surrounding a possible PS3 Slim continue, annoyingly. DigiTimes, the paper of record when it comes to what’s being manufactured in eastern Asia, says that Sony “has ordered enough parts to make one million consoles in the third quarter of this year, twice as many as in the last three months.” In other words, Sony just ordered an extraordinary amount of components. Read More

  • Hey, look! It's a ‘PS3 Konsole slim’ on Amazon Germany

    Sharp eyes have spotted a certain “PlayStation 3 Konsole slim” on Amazon’s German Web site. The listing, which has no price attached, is still up as I type this (around 11:30 A.M. EDT). Read More

  • Video: Is this the PS3 Slim? Is it really already on sale?

    There’s no way of knowing whether this shady video taken in the Philippines is of the real PS3 Slim, but GameTrailers is claiming it to be legit. The PS3 logo looks pretty bad, too. I call BS. Anyone know enough Tagalog and currently in the Philippines? Read More

  • Foxconn declines comment on PS3 Slim contract

    Attempting to quell earlier reports that they’ve signed an agreement with Sony to build the rumored PS3 Slim, Foxconn issued an official “no comment” statement with the Taiwan Stock Exchange today. Read More

  • Sony to ship PS3 Slim next month?

    The secrecy over the PS3 Slim continues to unravel with news that Foxconn have been contracted to manufacture and ship the updated model starting next month. The report from UDN does not explicitly say that the smaller version of the current platform will be sold anytime soon, but it falls in line with what Ars’s Mole leaked over the weekend. However, UDN states that an updated PS3 will… Read More