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PS3 Update Closes Loophole: PSJailbreak and PSGroove Blocked

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New, More Spacious PS3 Models Confirmed And Priced

The highly popular PS3 Slim is getting the inevitable variations, and they actually seem like pretty good deals to me. We heard about the 320GB Move bundle going for $400 a few weeks ago, but the rumo

The PS3 ain't getting a price drop, and I'm okay with that

<img src="" />I'm not sure who <em>was </em>expecting a price drop in the PS3 — Sony were the ones leading the console revamp c

PS3 Slim was supposed to have network storage (that is, no local hard drive)

<img src="" />Did you know that, at one point, Sony considered constructing the <a HREF=""

250GB PS3 Slim coming on November 3rd for $350

Remember that 250GB PS3 Slim we saw? November 3rd. $350. That is all. We out!

One million PS3 Slims sold worldwide since its launch

<img src="" />Finally, actual PS3 Slim sales numbers. Before all we had were percentages—sales up 300 percent over last week, tha

Final Fantasy XIII PS3 Slim to land in Japan by year's end

<img src="">The <a href="">PS3 Slim</a> is a hit, but hopefully Final Fantasy diehards haven'

PS3 Slim doing pretty well: Sales up 300 percent

<img src="" />Well look at that: not only is the PS3 Slim a big success over in Japan but it's also doing pretty damn well here in th

To call the PS3 Slim anything but a huge success would be disingenuous

<img src="" />Oh, if only Sony had somehow released the PS3 Slim back in November, 2006, how different things would be! The sales reports

Get the PS3 Slim for only $199

<img src=""><a href="">Dealnews</a> has

The PS3 Slim runs way faster with firmware v3.0

From the fine folks who brought us the first video comparison comes another batch showing that the PS3 Slim is, in fact, faster than the PS3 fatty. However, I’m sure you noticed that the Slim is

Videos: Is the PS3 Slim slower than the PS3 Fat? (We're talking miliseconds here.)

<img src="" />The PS3 Slim <i>literally</i> took the world by storm last week, shaking the Heavens themselves in the process. But this new

PS3 Slim expends half the energy of the PS3 Fat

<img src="" alt="" />What would it be like to have a real testing lab instead of working in the makeshift "lab" that is John's

PS3 Slim actually disassembled before your eyes

Well, they got off to a good start, but Rapid Repair has been passed up by iFixit in the race to tear an unsuspecting PS3 Slim to pieces. What’s in there? Well, apparently, the whole thing is ta

PS3 Slim, disassembled before your eyes (UPDATE)

Update: iFixIt tore the PS3 down like the champs they are. Check out the Blue Philips Screw of Death! Rapid repair is breaking down the PS3 Slim as we speak. Actually, they’ve only just finished

Lossless: Unlike PS3 Fat, PS3 Slim supports Dolby TrueHD, DTS-HD Master Audio

<img src="" />Sony giveth, and Sony taketh away. About six people were upset that Sony decided to, once and for all, kill PS2 backwards c

Poll: PS2 backwards compatibility on the PS3

Are you surprised that Sony is putting the kibosh on backwards compatibility once and for all? {democracy:65}

45nm Cell microprocessor confirmed in PS3 Slim

It’s not too hard to believe that Sony would have tinkered under the hood of the PS3 Slim and today we’ve learned that those assumptions are, in fact, true. The Slim now has a 45-nanometer Cell mi

Gundam to be the very first Sony PS3 Slim bundle

<img src="">Sony loves them some bundle packs and the Gundam franchise will be the first to grace the box of a <a href="http://

PS3 Slim: Too little, too late, or dy-no-mite!

<img src="" />Watching the news come in yesterday about the PS3 Slim, I said to myself, “Man, this is great for Sony, especially if we're s
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