Tekken 3 on the HTC HD2

<img src="" />So there's actually two things to tell you about here; for one thing, you can play Tekken 3 on your HTC HD2 phone. That's

A balsa woodbox playstation mod

<img src=""> Cramming vintage gaming consoles into random containers isn't a thing just for the handy geeks. <a href="http://forums.benh

DIY Guitar Hero Controller Looks Decent (Sorta)

Sometimes we’re broke and you know what: that’s OK. We all know that it’s worth eating ramen noodles for three weeks so that we can enjoy playing Playstation 3 games for hours on end

80GB Playstation 3 Won't Have Emotion Engine

Say goodbye to all those games you bought for PS2 With cost cutting measures going into effect at Sony, it makes sense for the console manufacturer to remove the Emotion Engine chip inside the PS3. Bu