• No format war for digital books

    Next month, new Sony Reader Digital Books, model PRS-505, will be able to support the EPUB format. The International Digital Publishing Forum’s XML-based standard format has gained acceptance among major trade book publishers. Current owners can download the software upgrade now. The Readers will continue to support Sony’s proprietary BBeB format. Adobe eBooks with digital… Read More

  • New-ish Sony eBook reader apparently mangles PDFs

    So close. I’ve been eyeing eBook readers for a while now. I really can’t see myself spending $300 on one when I have gadgets like the Nokia 770 and iPod Touch that are capable of handling similar tasks and more. However, the E-Ink technology is pretty cool and the 7,500 page-turn battery life that Sony suggests is intriguing. According to Gordon Meyer over at 43 Folders, the… Read More