• What movies would you want to ‘feel’ while wearing this Philips jacket?

    Oh the things engineers do when they’re bored and forced to look busy. Philips will debut, at a conference in Salt Lake City (of all places), a jacket with built-in vibration motors. The point is to study how people physically react to watching movies. Suggested first movie: Caligula. Read More

  • Sharp to roll out solar cells with a conversion efficiency of 20%

    Sharp has developed a crystalline Si solar cell prototype with a cell conversion efficiency of 20%, aiming for mass production in 2010. The company claims its product will be the most efficient residential crystalline silicon solar cell available. An unnamed American manufacturer has been contacted in order to procure enough polycrystalline Si when commercialization starts. Sharp has chosen… Read More

  • Konica Minolta develops a USB stick-sized projector

    Not the real thing. Konica Minolta (or its subsidiary Konica Minolta Opto, to be more exact) has developed what sounds like it’s one of the smallest projectors around today. Measuring just 20x40x7mm, the projector is reportedly about as small as a USB stick and needs less than 1W of power. The projector can project 20-inch color images in XGA resolution when positioned 50 to 60cm away… Read More

  • CEATEC 2008: KDDI's super-futuristic cell phone protoypes (photo gallery)

    KDDI au is not only Japan’s second biggest cell phone carrier but also famous for its KDDI Design Project. And while their exhibition in the KDDI Design Studio in Tokyo was disappointing, the company made a strong showing at this year’s CEATEC. See the coolest cell phone designs below. KDDI has been running this design project for years now and actually started mass-producing… Read More

  • CEATEC 2008: NTT Docomo's next-generation cell phone prototypes (photo gallery)

    Japan’s biggest cell phone carrier NTT Docomo had one of the coolest booths at this year’s CEATEC (which ended last Saturday), showcasing a lot of spectacular new stuff. These are their cell phone concepts, some of which even might make it to the mass market one day. Watch a video of their microprojector cell-phone hybrid here and a see this post for more information on their… Read More

  • CEATEC 2008: Docomo's (awesome) detachable cell phone up and close (2 videos)
    At this year’s CEATEC, Little Seiko, the kindergarten girl robot, is the unbeatable fan favorite, but NTT Docomo‘s (Japan’s biggest telecommunications company) detachable handset is surely one of the top 5 products of the exhibition. A lot of attendees queued 35 minutes to try the Fujitsu cell phone out themselves, including me. And let me… Read More

  • CEATEC 2008: Fujitsu's mobile phone breaks into 2 parts that can be used separately

    At CEATEC 2008, Fujitsu and NTT Docomo are showcasing a concept phone that can be split into two pieces, a screen and a keyboard segment. The so-called Separeeto Keitai, separate handset, is supposed to enable users to make a phone call and write emails at the same time. The parts are joined by a magnet and connected via Bluetooth. The touchscreen reacts to the way the users are holding it. Read More

  • Toshiba showcases super-small projector

    It seems development of micro projectors picks up steam in Japan. Following Tokyo-based venture firm Nippon Signal (“We’ve built the world’s smallest projector”), Toshiba recently exhibited a projector the size of an iPod at one of the company’s own exhibitions in Japan. The device was already on display at IFA 2008, a consumer electronics trade show that took… Read More

  • KDDI's cell phone prototypes look great on the web but rather dull in reality

    KDDI, Japan’s second biggest mobile phone carrier, showcased a number of cell phone prototypes in their five-floor Design Studio [JP] in central Tokyo. The phones were designed by award-winning design wunderkind Hideo Kanbara [JP]. I went to the so-called Ply Exhibition [JP] (which ended yesterday), made some pictures but actually left mildly disappointed. The phones (featuring… Read More

  • Quick and dirty: What Panasonic will be showing off at IFA 2008

    I’m here at IFA in Berlin, a stone’s throw away from my temporary base of operations in Barcelona. The show itself—think CES, just run by a bunch of well-dressed Europeans—starts this weekend, but a few companies are having hip-hip hooray press conferences a bit early, announcing new products then quickly putting them back behind a curtain, saying how great they are, etc. Read More

  • Mitsubishi showcases super-thin LCD TV

    Mitsubishi Electric yesterday unveiled a prototype LCD TV [JP], which is just 40mm thick. The company said it’s “REAL” TV is full HD but didn’t reveal any details regarding screen size, price and technical features. Mitsubishi separated the display from the tuner and integrated wireless transmission units into both devices, which are able to transmit uncompressed full… Read More

  • Germany's Telekom is developing a Kindle competitor

    Read&Go, an e-paper from France Telecom One of Europe’s biggest telecommunications companies, Deutsche Telekom, is developing a portable e-reader, apparently a competitor for Amazon’s Kindle. There are no pictures of the new device available at this point. The German powerhouse plans a test run with a few dozen prototypes in Berlin this fall. The project is code-named… Read More

  • Aluminum skateboards from Corbusboards

    Corbusboards has created some unique skateboards fabricated out of aluminum. Corbus is calling them prototypes, but the Fishbone and Seahorse models are available to purchase. The company isn’t kidding themselves; they know these aren’t trick boards. Made for cruising, the design is a cross between a long-board and a short-board. Corbus does have plans to produce upcoming models… Read More

  • Not Australia, Japan introduces the world's smallest projector

    Japan might have lost a battle in patent application filing to the US, but even a fantastic country such as Australia can’t beat them when it comes to miniaturization. It looks like Tokyo-based Nippon Signal (and not Mint Wireless based out of Australia) managed to develop what might be the smallest projector in the world. The device was recently showcased at Exhibition Micromachine/MEMS… Read More

  • Panasonic ‘digital wall’ prototype

    Here’s a gigantic wall display by Panasonic. It features picture in picture, music, movies, bouncing balls, e-mail, and a bunch of other stuff that you may or may not ever be able to afford. It’s meant to go in your living room or, perhaps, a child’s bedroom. Hell, why not just put one in every room? Read More

  • Pioneer develops world's first 16-layer disc with 400 GB capacity

    Today Pioneer announced [JP] they – as the first company in the world – managed to develop a 16-layer optical disc with a capacity of 400 GB. In other words, each layer boasts the capacity of a 25 GB Blu-ray disc currently available for retail. Pioneer said the new discs will be compatible with existing Blu-ray hardware but are read-only at the moment. The company is currently… Read More

  • CrunchGear designs its own Dyson attachment

    We’re almost done, kiddies. This is what you’ve all been waiting for. I had a great time at Dyson learning about dust mites, chatting with James about the iPhone, watching him bash a DC24 and getting an overview of the history of Dyson. But my main objective while in Malmesbury was to design and build a prototype attachment for one of the vacuums in the line up. I own the Root 6, so… Read More

  • Japanese researchers unveil ultra-light electric car

    Suzuka-based Topia Corp. presented an electric car during the 19th Design Engineering & Manufacturing Solutions Expo in Tokyo, which weighs just 150kg (330lb). The so-called Huvo is the prototype of a single seat mini car. The Huvo is made of steel, aluminum, carbon fiber reinforced plastic and ABS resin. Topia says the prototype was completely produced in-house. According to the CEO… Read More

  • Weird-ass folding laptop on eBay, currently at $100

    Oh me, oh my — here’s a new one. I purchased this a few years back as a project but it just ended up sitting in my closet. This is a rare Xentex Dual Screen Laptop. Each screen is 13.3″ and one pivots so that one can be facing you and the other one facing the person sitting on the other side of the laptop. This was a prototype and is missing some parts but does turn on so… Read More

  • CrunchArcade: Prototype being turned into comic book

    You know that game with the guy who runs around and does stuff, Prototype? (Neither did I.) Yeah, well, they’re making a comic book out of it. They being DC Comics and Sierra Entertainment. Does two instances a trend make? I mean, they’re turning Deadspace into a comic book, too and all. Speaking of comic books, Peter and I plan to hit the New York Comic-Con this weekend. I… Read More