Yandex takes its self-driving test cars out for a spin in the snow

Russian software giant Yandex took its prototype self-driving taxi out for its first real-world snow test last weekend. The Prius model prototypes clocked up 300km in total during the test. 

Sayspring raises $1.5M for software that lets designers prototype and test voice apps without coding

Sayspring, a startup that enables designers to create voice-enabled apps without code ahead of handing over projects to development, has just raised $1.5 million in funding for its efforts, the compan

Greg Mark talks about the future of 3D printing

In this episode of Technotopia I talk to Greg Mark, founder of Markforged. Mark recently made news with his new metal printing technology that heats metallic objects in a microwave, reducing by hours

BMW taps Unreal Engine for a mixed reality vehicle development process

BMW is combining the best of real and virtual worlds to make the process of creating new car designs as quick and painless as possible. The carmaker has tapped Unreal Engine’s rendering capabili

Charge trucks tackle race tracks

Charge, an Oxford, UK-based electric vehicle company, is testing its prototypes in the most time-honored way: at the races. Since the dawn of the automotive age, inventors and manufacturers have taken

Augmented reality makes prototyping easy on Shaper’s Origin CNC machine

Innovations in 3D printing have done their part to inspire maker-culture. We print, or at-least try to print, drones, human organs, and even medications. Additive techniques are practical and accessib Lets You Create Mobile App Prototypes And See Them Run In A Native App, a mobile prototyping platform that's been organically growing its footprint over the last couple of years, is now offering a fairly notable new feature: In addition to being able to easily b

Early Apple iPhone Developer Prototype Looked More Like An iPad, Had Ethernet And Serial Ports

Apple has been working on the iPhone since long before it hit the market in 2007, and today a new prototype has come to light that shows how it might have looked if they'd rushed it to market earlier.

Pitching App Ideas? AppGyver Delivers Mobile App Prototypes In Minutes, No Technical Know-How Needed

Although there are a ton of DIY app builders out there, the majority of them are either designed for those with a little bit of coding know-how, or involve drag-and-drop components which are used to c

Modu Android Prototype Leaked

Modu isn’t well known in the US, but they make a tiny handset that’s been out for a while. While their current product offering has been criticized for being outdated and clunky, the good

Sony 360-Degree display coming to America

Not a huge update here, but that 360-Degree display that we told you about last year is going to be on display is the US. The display is still a prototype, but it is an excellent proof of concept. It&

Prototype single lens camera sees the world in 3D

<img src="" />Most 3D imaging requires cameras with multiple lenses, but an Italian firm has discovered a way to allow a single lens to see

Tactile vest helps patients recover balance

<img src="" />Researchers at UCLA are working on a new device intended to help patients who have lost their sense of balance.

Fujitsu shows off new prototype e-book reader

So fair warning, there’s not a whole lot of detail on this one. Fujitsu just showed off their latest e-book reader prototype at a trade show in Japan. It probably won’t hit the US, but exp

Nine mechanical engineers build a spokeless bicycle

<img src="" />Nine mechanical engineering majors had a dilemma: what do you do for your mechanical design class when you only have a semes

Via Sony's bio-battery: RC cars can now be powered by sugary drinks

<img src="" /> Sony has been working on the development of efficient <a href="

CrunchDeals: Prototype for cheap (Xbox 360, PS3, PC)

I’ve heard good things about Activision’s Prototype, but was never sent a review copy even though I’ve received other titles from the publisher for review in the past. Currently reviewing Transf

Futuristic OLED bracelet will make you look like a Halo fighter

<img src="" /> New Jersey-based <a href="">Universal Display</a> and <a href="http://www.

NTT prototype phone lets you play the flute, check your blood and read e-papers (video)

<img src="" /> These are some <em>very</em> early prototypes Japan's No. 1 telecommunications company NTT recently s

Sony showcases 21-inch OLED with 1,000,000:1 contrast ratio (video)

<img src="" /> Sony took part at the <a href="">5th International FPD Expo</a> that ende
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