Proporta 3G iPod shuffle sleeve: Always wear protection

<img src="" alt="orange" />Proporta has announced their most recent addition to the iPod accessory train, the <a href="http://www.proport

Proporta Beach Bouy video: Blogger abs

This dude has a hot tub, abs, and a voice that just screams “Dude. Let’s have two beers instead of just one.” In which factory do they manufacture these bloggers? Our factory only tu

CrunchDeals: 15% off Proporta iPod (et al.) cases

Proporta makes a whole host of cases and the like for the iPod, iPhone and every other [inferior] device in between. To celebrate Thanksgiving week, the company is offering 15 percent off on all its g

Review: Proporta Gadget Bag The Proporta Gadget Bag is a handy way to store all the stuff that comes with your gadget lifestyle: batteries, battery chargers, media sticks, cables, etc.  T

CrunchDeals: Proporta is on the Facebook and is giving you 10% off!

Proporta, maker of iPod and other cases, is offering a discount to their favoritest Facebook friends on the Facebook. Do you have a profile? Then add Proporta and get 10% and keep up to date on the la

Proporta SIM-card holding keychain with unique Anti-Loss System

They say things differently in England. For example, a car windshield is called a “windscreen” and a hood is called a “bonnet.” They call ladies “birds” over there

Review: Proporta Dual Skin case

Well, now that we all know what side my bread is buttered on let’s take a look at the first of the iPhone 3G cases to hit these shores. While the Proporta Dual Skin case can fit any iPhone, this

This week in iPhone 3G cases: The Leather Ones

A slew of cases have followed in the wake of the iPhone 3G release last week. For now: The Leather Ones…

CrunchDeals: 15 percent off Proporta accessories eases the pain of England not qualifying for Euro 2008

England’s loss is your gain. Since none of the Home Nations qualified for Euro 2008, UK-based accessory house Proporta is giving a solid 15 percent off all their merchandise. You’ll need t

Proporta prepping universal iPod dock

Umm. I’m perfectly content with charging my iPod by plugging in the cable. I don’t need a dock to do that, Proporta. I don’t understand why you would even come out with one. Seriousl

CG and Proporta's Hot or Not Entrants

Win a Proporta Echo: For the love of all that is holy…

Apparently the equation “email a picture, get free stuff” is a bit complex for the CG readership so I’m going to give you guys one more chance to send an email with or without a pict

Are you CG's sexiest reader? Win one of 20 Proporta Echoes

In an effort to see how narcissistic we all really are, Proporta has agreed to give away five Proporta Echo screen protectors to our top twenty hottest readers — actually it will be random, but

Proporta's Echo: Look at me! I'm hideous!

The Echo is a mirrored iPhone, iPod touch and 3G nano screen protector that drops to glossy chrome when the screen is off. The sticker is easy to apply and fairly transluscent. It costs a mere $9.95 a

Proporta Portable Laptop Battery

During extended periods of time when I’m busy playing World of Warcraft working really hard on my Macbook, I’m always pissed to find that my battery is in the red and I’m forced to f

Help Proporta Out, Win Free Stuff

One of the better accessory/case-makers, Proporta, needs some help picking a design for it’s Alu-Leather cases. There’s pouch-style where a device slides in and is held entirely or side gr

Proporta Releases Wireless FM Stereo Transmitter

I don’t own a car anymore and rarely drive, but when I do, I usually just listen to NPR because I don’t have an iTrip/FM Transmitter for my iPod. But there’s only so much Fresh Air a

Proporta Announces New Gadget Bag

To be quite honest, I’ve been looking for a bag like this for a while now. I no longer have a working laptop, but I have plenty of gadgets and gizmos I tote around that are usually thrown inside

Proporta Releases Splash Proof Sports Kit For The iPod Nano

If you’re a total klutz like yours truly, then you know the importance of a good case for your personal electronics. Proporta has just released its new Splash Proof Sports Kit for the iPod Nano

Proporta Launches New Lateral Cases

Proporta, maker of cases and accessories, is releasing a new case design for consumer electronics. The Lateral case design is making its first debut with the Palm Treo 700. Featuring premium leather a
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