Law Commission proposes revolutionary rules for ownership of crypto tokens and NFTs

There is a major earthquake happening in the sphere of digital assets, which is expected to create shockwaves that will impact tech not only in the real world but also in the metaverse.

‘Selling Sunset’ star Christine Quinn’s brokerage debuts new crypto credit scoring platform

For fans of both reality television and web3 (hopefully that group includes more than just this reporter), Christine Quinn’s move to leave the Oppenheim Group and co-found a brokerage with her h

Fresh out of YC, Houm raises $8M to improve the home rental and sales market in LatAm

As a longtime real estate developer based in Chile, Benjamin Labra was able to spot gaps in the buying and renting markets in Latin America. To meet demands, he started Houm, an all-in-one platform th

Armoire is angling to become the everyday Rent the Runway

When Armoire first emerged from MIT’s accelerator program back in 2016, the company’s vision was already fully formed — combine StitchFix and Rent the Runway to give women a low-cost

Selina raises $100M at an $850M valuation for its network of living spaces for digital nomads

The rising tide of Airbnb is lifting all boats, and today a startup that’s building a series of living-coworking-activity spaces across the world primarily geared at digital nomads is reeling in

The next frontier in real estate technology

From entertainment to transportation, technology has upended nearly every major industry -- with one notable exception: real estate.

Chronext raises $34 million to bring nice watches to your bare wrist

There are a number of services that let you sell your used watches or simply purchase new watches but few have the funding war chest of Chronext. This online services lets you buy and sell fancy watch

Swiss watchmaker Omega joins the ecommerce bandwagon

Swiss watchmakers have long resisted the siren call of ecommerce. While many of their products sold online – you can find everything from Swatch to Breguet on the “grey market” &#821

Breitling’s Avenger Hurricane 45 watch uses dense composites to stay light

According to horological legend the first luxury watch made of steel – the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak caused great consternation when it launched in 1972. Up until then there were timekeepers &#8

Zently provides a better way for renters to connect with their landlords

A startup called Zently hopes to improve the process of renting a home or apartment by making it easier for renters to split bills, pay for their rent and contact their landlords when something goes w

GuestReady raises $750K to help Airbnb hosts manage their properties professionally

GuestReady, a service that helps home owners who use Airbnb and other services manage their property professionally, has landed a $750,000 seed funding. The round was led by existing investor Swiss Fo

Rental matchmaker HomeMe raises $3.2 million

HomeMe, the developers of the rental application that pre-approves and screens potential renters for apartments and landlords that will actually approve their rental applications, has raised $3.2 mill

Singapore’s Greyloft lands $1.1M to build a real estate agency for the digital era

Greyloft is a Singapore based startup running what it describes as an estate agency for the digital era.

New startup Doorkeys aims to drag property buying in India into the digital era

Doorkeys is a new startup in India that wants to bring the process of buying a home online. Founded by real estate veteran Subhash Bedi, chairman and MD of Rising Straits Capital, an entrepreneur Arju

11 Actual “Rooms” For Rent In SF That Are More Than Your Midwestern Mortgage

Let’s be honest, every apartment for rent in San Francisco is more than the average Midwestern mortgage. An ordinary 35-44-year-old homeowner in the U.S. hands over about $1,073 per month for t

TPG’s RentPath Buys Lovely For $13M To Expand From Property Search Into Full Rental Services

Some more consolidation afoot in the online property space. <a target="_blank" href="">RentPath</a> -- a search company focused on the property vertical that owns properties lik

Hyperlocal Power: Urban Compass Raises $20M At A $150M Valuation; Adds Advance Publications And Marc Benioff As Investors

<a target="_blank" href="">Urban Compass</a>, the young New York startup that <a href="">emerged from stealth mode in May</a>

With $2.5M Injection From Nexus, Indian Housing Marketplace Launches In Bangalore

Indian housing marketplace, has expanded out of its home base of Mumbai into another major Indian city, Bangalore—its fifth city in the country. The company, which operates similarly t

VC-Backed Disrupt Alum Zumper Jumps Into The Chicago Rentals Market, Builds Out Pro Features

<a target="_blank" href="">Zumper</a> -- the online home rentals startup and <a href="">TechCrunch Disrupt alum</a> that <a href

YC-Backed Zaranga Adds Dynamic, Priceline-Style Purchasing To Vacation Rentals

The business of holiday home rentals has been one of the most natural areas to migrate to the world of e-commerce -- the ability to search for and view lots of properties makes it a significant improv
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