• A new venture outfit tries a different approach to fundraising

    A new venture outfit tries a different approach to fundraising

    There’s been no shortage of disruption in the venture industry over the last decade or so, yet someone is always trying to introduce a new way of doing things. Among the latest is Propeller, a six-month-old outfit that’s hoping to entice family offices and sovereign wealth funds to invest in four new but distinct funds at once. One will focus on IoT investments; a second will focus… Read More

  • Propeller Gets $1.25M From A16z, ffAngel, Everyone Good Basically

    Propeller Gets $1.25M From A16z, ffAngel, Everyone Good Basically

    The app that allows you to create your own native apps, Propeller, has raised $1.25 million from Andreessen Horowitz, ffAngel, Menlo Ventures, Foundation Capital, Max Levchin, Ashton Kutcher, Keith Rabois, Scott Banister, Jason Portnoy, Lee Linden, Rothenberg Ventures and Alfred Mandel. Read More

  • AOL Appeals To Users To Visit Propeller Again

    AOL’s Propeller launched in 2006 as a “Digg Killer” – a Digg like site with editorial oversight that had massive traffic directed to it. All those Netscape users were used to seeing a standard news page, though, and didn’t quite know what to do at the new site. A variety of changes were made over time, including paying news submitters to lure them… Read More

  • AOL Budget Cuts Continue: Propeller Sheds Some Employees

    We’re hearing reports that Propeller, the Digg-like news site that was once, has been holding a severe round of layoffs that is reducing its workforce to only a fraction of its former size only two weeks after relaunching the site. It seems that most of the cuts consist of Propeller’s Scouts and Anchors – paid employees who actively monitor the site to pick out… Read More

  • Propeller 2.0 Launches: Ditching The Vote Count, Adding A Mascot

    Propeller, AOL’s Digg-like news site, launches version 2.0 later this morning. The site sports a new design and logo and now has a mascot – described as “part professor, part citizen journalist” (see image below). But the biggest feature change is the removal of a pure Digg-like vote count. In its place is an algorithm based popularity ranking of 1-10, which takes… Read More

  • Publish2 To Launch Digg Variation As Journalist Resource

    Update: screenshot and additional details of Publish2 is here. New startup Publish2 hasn’t launched or even entered private beta yet, but the company has scored $2.75 million in funding. The investor, Velocity Interactive Group, believes in the idea so much that they put both Ross Levinsohn and Jonathan Miller on the board of directors. Publish2 is talking freely about the product, they… Read More

  • Yahoo Buzz Launches: Popular Stories To Go On Yahoo Homepage

    Yahoo launches the much anticipated Yahoo Buzz tonight – a Digg-like site that takes stories from pre-approved news publishers (100 to start) and let’s users vote on stories and push them up to the top of the page. To see it in action, click on the buzz button at the end of this, or any, of our posts (update: button functionality won’t be live until Tuesday). Like Digg, the… Read More

  • Digg Competitor Mixx Takes $2 Million Series A1

    Social voting outfit Mixx has taken $2 million Series A1 in a round led by existing investor InterSouth Partners. Mixx offers a category based social voting service that competes with sites such as Digg, Reddit and Propeller. McLean, Virginia based Mixx was launched in September 2007 with talent including former executives from Yahoo!, AOL, USA TODAY and The Associated Press. The company… Read More

  • 2007 In Numbers: The Year AOL Killed Netscape's Traffic

    Social voting remained a popular past time in 2007 with sites such as Digg more than tripling their audience, but some sites fared better than others according to data from comScore. One name with a long history is the AOL owned The site was relaunched in June 2006 as a Digg clone with high hopes that a new generation would use the once great brand as an alternative to Digg. Read More

  • Why Digg Is Still The Best

    Michael Arrington wrote on Saturday about a new Digg competitor called Mixx, and how it was attracting “Digg Refugees.” Digg clones or similar social voting sites are far from new, but given this new competition does Digg still come out on top? Since reading Michael’s post I’ve spent time using several Digg-style sites to see if I could find the… Read More

  • Digg Refugees May Be Heading To Mixx

    New startup Mixx, which went in to private beta just two months ago, may be finding itself with the right product at the right time. Digg users, including top contributors, are showing an increasing amount of frustration with the Digg community, and many are leaving. Conspiracy theories that Digg auto buries stories with certain topics or linking to certain sites only compounds the… Read More

  • Netscape Was Better As A Digg Clone: Viewers

    Traffic on AOL’s Netscape portal has plummeted since the site dumped its social news voting model and reverted to a new portal, at least according to Alexa. Unfortunately the comScore figures for Netscape aren’t yet available for September so we can’t confirm the traffic crash, but despite Alexa’s argued issues the crash in traffic as shown by Alexa is unlikely to be… Read More

  • Propeller Will Be The New Netscape Digg Clone

    AOL has announced that will be the new home for the Netscape social media experiment. What was once considered a possible Digg-killer is now relegated to the backwaters of AOL. In a statement, Tom Drapeau said that AOL was “working hard behind the scenes to ensure a smooth transition before we officially launch at this new destination,” which given the site… Read More

  • Netscape Digg Clone Is Kaput

    We’ve known about it for weeks (despite Netscape’s claims that our post was innacurate), but now it’s confirmed: AOL has announced the end of Netscape as a social news portal. In a statement, Tom Drapeau spun the decision as being AOL listening to its customers and as part of their “desire to better serve our community.” On the decision itself, Drapeau stated: … Read More

  • AOL May Kill Their Netscape Digg Clone

    AOL is considering killing off the “Digg Clone” social news site that they launched a little over a year ago at, and redirecting traffic to the Netscape portal instead. One source says it’s a done deal. Another says no final decisions have been made. But the Netscape editorial team is rumored to be completely freaked out, and they are starting to talk to outsiders. Read More

  • Huge Red Flag at Netscape

    A little known Digg-fact is that a relatively small group of users submit a large percentage of the stories that end up on the Digg home page. Netscape, which recently relaunched as a Digg-clone, wants to pay those top users to switch over to them. Jason Calacanis, who runs the Netscape property, wrote a post earlier today offering to pay top Digg users $1,000 a month or more to switch to… Read More

  • AOL-Netscape Launches Massive "Digg Killer"

    On Thursday, AOL’s Netscape property will no longer be just another portal – it’s being converted into a Digg-killer. I was briefed on the new site by Jason Calacanis last week. As of tonight, he owns the Netscape property at AOL. The new site will run at for now, converting over to the main property soon. It’s not exactly a Digg clone… Read More