• Uber and Gilt are selling passes for unlimited uberPOOL rides in NYC

    Uber and Gilt are selling passes for unlimited uberPOOL rides in NYC

    Here’s a great deal: Uber and Gilt City are teaming up to offer a packages of unlimited uberPOOL rides in New York City. The deal is being called a “commute card” and can only be used Monday through Friday during commuting hours (7-10am and 5-8pm) in Manhattan. These are the same hours during which Uber offers $5 flat rate uberPOOL rides in NYC. As a refresher, uberPOOL… Read More

  • Amazon’s Newest Tool Lets Anyone Host Giveaways Online

    Amazon’s Newest Tool Lets Anyone Host Giveaways Online

    Amazon announced this morning a new self-service tool that allows customers to host giveaways on its website. Anyone is eligible to run these sorts of promotions on the platform, though in Amazon’s case, the feature will likely attract authors, marketers, brands, bloggers, sellers and others looking to raise awareness about themselves, their products, or those who want to engage… Read More

  • TechStars 2011 Grad Promoboxx Raises $565K For Brand-To-Retailer Marketing Platform

    TechStars 2011 Grad Promoboxx Raises $565K For Brand-To-Retailer Marketing Platform

    Promoboxx, a TechStars Boston 2011 company focused on brand-to-retailer marketing, has just closed its seed round of $565,000. The funding comes from individual angels Dave Balter, Peter Bordes, Adam Berrey, Jean Hammond and others. In addition, institutions including SK Ventures, Brand Ventures, and Launch Capital have also committed. The company’s online service allows retailers… Read More

  • Rumor: Apple's Back to School promotion to include free 8GB iPod Touch

    Macrumors is reporting that Apple will announce this year’s Back to School promotion tomorrows and the details are quite enticing. Actually, it pisses me off. The 8GB iPod Touch will allegedly be offered with a qualifying Mac purchase, which excludes the Mac Mini, but includes everything else. Apparently students will also have the choice of picking up an 8GB iPod Nano as well. Why… Read More

  • Xbox 360 HD DVD Drive Gets Price Cut

    Microsoft today announced that it would be cutting the price of its HD DVD drive for the Xbox 360. With Blu-ray gaining momentum and leading the next-gen format war, the move is Microsoft’s push to get more people into HD DVD. Instead of $199, you’ll now only pay $179 and you get five free HD DVDs to boot. Better hurry though, ’cause this deal is only good from August 1st… Read More

  • Free Steam Games For ATI Card Holders

    Nothing beats free stuff. Whether it’s a free ice cream cone or a free iPod, both are just so, so sweet. Those of you who still shell out $1000 a year to upgrade your PC for games will be happy to know that Valve and ATI have struck a bit of a deal that runs in your favor. Owners of ATI RadeonT graphics cards will be able to download free games from Valve’s Steam service. So you have… Read More

  • Coke And Apple Giving Away 2 Billion iTMS Tracks

    Right off the bat, allow me to inform you that this promotion is only going on in the UK. Kind of makes sense, since the past two summers here had Pepsi giving away iTMS tracks. Either way, Coke and Apple have teamed up to bring you over 2 billion free iTunes Music Store tracks for free. Just look inside specially-marked bottles of pop and you could be on your way to downloading… Read More