• Pioneer expanding KURO into projectors

    Pioneer announced this morning that they will be expanding their KURO initiative into projectors. The Elite KURO projector will be full HD (1080p) and features a wide lens shift capacity and support for HDMI 1.3. Only serious home theater buffs need apply next month since the projector will go for $9,000. Read More

  • Sanyo drops a pair of HD home theater projectors at 720p and almost 1080p. Wait, what?

    Sanyo has announced the addition of two new LCD Multimedia Projectors, the PLC-ET30L and PLC-XT21/L, to their ‘T’ Series lineup. The PLC-ET30L has a full 1400 x1050 resolution with 10-Bit digital gamma correction and will ship for $6,495 without a lens, making it the new top of the line. The PLC-XT21/L is a value-priced, it will go for only $4,995 with a lens, projector with a… Read More

  • Texas Instruments pocket projector prototype

    [ Here’s something that excites me greatly. It’s a prototype of a tiny projector that fits inside of a cell phone. Jim Hallas of Texas Instruments’ DLP group gave me a brief overview of the chipset and here’s some brief information along with my thoughts; The chipset is ready to go. It’s up to device manufacturers to integrate… Read More

  • Flash concept cellphone has built-in projector (for projecting images onto random people!)

    While Peter and Doug are at CTIA in Las Vegas bringing you the latest news and photos of quote-unquote real cellphones, I can do no less than point you in the direction of the Flash, a mighty fine concept brought to us by Peter Zsoit Koren. (I think Flash is the name, not too sure.) Like, what, all of the phones at this year’s CTIA, it’s got a touchscreen and sorta widescreen display. Read More

  • SANYO claims 'smallest and lightest' LCD projector

    Behold! Either the woman in the photo is nine feet tall or I present to you the new champion of tiny projectors! The LP-XW60 weighs just 3.5 pounds and features a 400:1 contrast ratio with a 2,000-lumen brightness. It’s built mainly for business, not pleasure, as you’ll get a 4:3 aspect ratio and 1024×768 resolution. SANYO was able to shrink the projector size down thanks to a… Read More

  • dnp shipping Supernova Epic Screen [Updated with pricing]

    dnp denmark, purveyors of optical projection screen technology, has announced that the technologically superior Supernova Epic is now shipping. What’s so special about this is its ability to reproduce movies in a widescreen format to accommodate all aspect ratios, which allows it to display superior high-contrast images in a 100 percent neutral color. In other words, you need to have… Read More

  • Just a reminder that R2D2 as a projector is awesome This is not a new idea by any means. I just wanted to reassure everyone that it still evokes a chuckle and a knowing head nod to see R2D2 effortlessly tossing moving images up onto a white screen. It’s what he was meant to do. That is all. Read More

  • CG Holidays 2007 Recommendation: Optomo DX625 HD video projector

    Don’t let my 37-inch LCD HDTV fool you. When you want a real cinematic experience, there’s something special about watching it projected. For Tuesday night’s Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, I watched it in HD on a 60-inch whiteboard, as projected by a Optoma DX625 HD video projector. The picture was crystal clear, and bright as you’d want. The projector itself fits… Read More

  • Ten foot arcade screen has 145 games, Wii adapter

    That’s a big screen right there — 120 inches to be exact. It costs just under $4000 for a limited time (regular price is $4499) and comes with a two-player control panel featuring six buttons per player and 2 pairs of side pinball buttons. Wait, there’s more. Read More

  • Phantiq projector costs $180, comes with Wii cable

    If you bought a Wii for its mind-blowing graphics, then you’ll want to stay away from this. Also, you should have bought a PS3 or an Xbox 360. However, if you bought a Wii for FUN (!!!), then you might be interested in this $180 portable projector that ships with a Wii-specific AV cable (but supports standard cables as well). Read More

  • InFocus' New IN12 Ultraportable Projector

    Oh boy, I can’t wait for the next bi-monthly strategic planning meeting. That’s when I get to whip out my new InFocus IN12 mobile projector with “extraordinarily adjustable 1.4x zoom lens.” Read More

  • Widescreen Outdoor Theater: Black and White and Hot All Over

    Yes! This is exactly what I need. A giant inflatable screen with an Optoma projector. It will be excellent for entertaining all of those friends that I don’t have when I hold pool parties in my backyard pool that doesn’t exist. Oh I can practically smell the carnage now. Anyway, if you have one of these things you might very well be able to make some friends simply by saying you… Read More

  • Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 1080: 100-inches of Pleasure

    Viewing pleasure that is! The Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 1080 was announced at the end of March, but Epson recently gave us a demo of the projector, which delivers picture resolutions up to 1080p at up to 120 inches in size at a price point of $2,999. And for the money, the high-def picture quality is impressive. This PowerLite actually uses 1,920×1,080 pixels on each of the… Read More

  • The Futurist: Simple Ways To Make Common Gadgets Better

    If your house is anything like the CrunchGear Mansion, it’s filled to the brim with gadgetry and electronica. And with all this newfangled convenience comes an equal dose of frustration. Like when your cell phone clock goes dead the second the A train pops underground. It’s almost enough to make you strap on your old Mickey Mouse wristwatch. So this got us to thinking — what… Read More

  • Sony Does The 720p Projector Thing, Twice: AW15 and AW10

    The big secret when it comes to HDTV is that a solid projector is a better bet than your typical LCD/Plasma/Whatever, namely because you can make the image as large as you want. However, they’re often a little on the expensive side, which leads us to Sony’s two new 720p projectors, the AW15 (pictured here) and AW10. Both have an HDMI input (perfect for the Xbox 360 Elite) and… Read More

  • 200-Inch PlayStation 3 Hotness

    Prepare the salivation, you’re about to see a PS3 on a 200-inch screen. What you see might shock you (read: make you incredibly jealous), but I can assure you that no Japanese people were harmed in the making of this photo set. What you have here are images of Ridge Racer 7 and Resistance: Fall of Man treated to a $1,200 HDMI cable and an HD projector with a 200-inch screen. All of… Read More

  • JVC Goes All 15,000:1 contrast ratio With DLA-RS1 Home Cinema Projector

    Think you’ve got the best home-theater projector? WRONG! JVC introduced the DLA-RS1 projector today, which among other technological profundities, hits “a previously unattainable native 15,000:1 contrast ratio without the need for dynamic iris or other artificial means of contrast enhancement.” It’s part of the company’s Reference Series and uses a 0.7-inch full… Read More

  • Panasonic PT-AE1000: Full 1080p HD for Home Theaters

    Panasonic is trying to get under your tree this holiday season with its new AE1000 projector. This slick black box puts out your video at full 1080p. What’s more is that it has a 11,000:1 contrast ratio, which is total hotness. Panasonic is aiming this projector at high-end home-theater lovers, although you should be able to find it for under $5k, which really brings it into the… Read More

  • An Overhead Projector For Your Cellphone

    I don’t see why phones don’t just have a function built into them yet which allows you to project the image somewhere else, but until that day comes, there is Project-a-Phone. The company has previously released an underwhelming 640×480 pixel contraption called the ICD-3000. They believe the demand for the product was high, so they’ve released their ICD-5000, with a… Read More

  • Toshiba TDP-ET20U: Instant Theater

    The TDP-ET20U is an all-in-one projector with build-in DVD player as well as an HDMI port and component video. It can accept a 1080i HD source and can display a 9-foot image from a mere 3.9-feet from a wall or screenin 854×480 pixel resolution (480i). It has a 2000:1 contrast ratio at 1100 lumens and 16:9 aspect ration. It can even play CDs and supports just about every video CD and… Read More