• NEC outs 3D-enabled projector

    And yet another 3D-related news item. This time, it’s NEC (or NEC Display Technologies, to be more exact), which today announced [JP] a new 3D-enabled DLP projector. The announcement comes not even one week after the company priced and spec’d their 3D-powered desktop PC. Read More

  • Sanyo debuts world's shortest-focus (and 3D-ready) projector

    We’re about to get yet another 3D-enabled piece of hardware, and this time, it’s a projector. Sanyo’s PDG-DWL2500J, announced today in Japan (press release in English), is not only “3D ready”, but it also boasts the world’s shortest projection distance (just 32cm to project images that are 80 inches in size) for projectors weighing less than 9kg. Read More

  • Japan's DoCoMo announces new mobile projector for cell phones

    It’s not that there’s a shortage of mobile projectors, but when DoCoMo (Japan’s biggest cell phone carrier) announces [JP] a model for its 55 million customers, it deserves a mention. DoCoMo specifically suggests using the F01 with Fujitsu’s uber-cool “Separate Keitai”, a cell phone that breaks into two parts (and that’s currently available on the… Read More

  • Optoma GameTime projectors now available

    While we’ve come to know Optoma mainly for their pico projectors, they do make larger versions as well. Case in point, their latest product line, the GameTime series. Targeted at computer and console gamers, the GameTime line use DLP tech from Texas Instruments support resolutions specific to the Xbox 360, Wii, and PS3. Read More

  • Review: 3M MPro150 pico-projector

    Short version: Half PMP, half pico-projector, and unfortunately, not quite fully baked. But the next one is going to be awesome. Read More

  • 3M improves their pico projector line with the new MPro150

    You remember the MPro120, right? 3M’s little pico projector. I reviewed it some time ago and found it perfectly delightful, but it was missing a few features, such as onboard storage, that its competitors had. The new version, apparently skipping a few digits, is the MPro150, and it fixes a lot of those little issues. It comes with a gig of onboard memory and has a MicroSD slot for you… Read More

  • Watch out, Game Gun, the big guys are nipping at your heels

    This is interesting. You remember the Game Gun and Wireless Game Gun, right? The Redneck Techie’s liquor-fueled foray into the world of total immersion gaming? Well, a company called Microvision appears to be taking him on, though they seem to think they’re the first. Read More

  • Review: 3M MPro 120 pico-projector

    The pico-projector market is a new one, and the products are still evolving. It really wasn’t very long ago that this product’s predecessor, the MPro 110, hit the market. It got pretty lame reviews (before which I prematurely called it awesome), but that isn’t really indicative of the worth of this kind of device. A projector you can keep in your pocket? Genius. Now they… Read More

  • Viewsonic outs portable mini (but not pico) projector

    We’re excited about pico projectors here at CG, but the first wave of them has been somewhat underwhelming. Optoma, 3M and Dell have the right idea, but image quality just isn’t up to par yet (the new 3M one might change that). On the other hand, mini-projectors are a perfectly good option if you’ve got a decent surface to project on. Peter liked the Joybee, and this new one… Read More

  • Help Key: Why 120Hz looks "weird"

    I’ve been testing an HD projector here at the house and, in its initial, out-of-the-box setting we found that the picture was ridiculously “sharp.” The picture, I suppose, looked like an old Dr. Who episode where the action on screen is smoother than the background, creating a jarring disparity when watching movies with lots of movement. It’s sometimes called the… Read More

  • Optoma pushes out $1K 1080p projector, the HD20

    I’m never sure whether a projector is a bargain or not, but one way to check is to compare it to similarly-priced TVs. For a grand you can probably get a low-end 42″ TV, or a nicer 32″ — and this projector offers a lot more than that. Of course, projectors aren’t for everyone, but I think we can all appreciate the specs, rub our chins, and say “Well, if I… Read More