• These undergrads built a Generative Adversarial Net that creates art

    These undergrads built a Generative Adversarial Net that creates art

    I can’t tell you for sure if we’ve reached peak GAN, but there are far more people messing around with them than a year ago. Two undergrads at Williams College taught themselves introductory machine learning and read a lot of papers on the now almost mainstream Generative Adversarial Network before embarking on a project with a professor to build one that could generate art. Read More

  • HP TouchPad Android Port Bounty Now Over $2,000

    HP TouchPad Android Port Bounty Now Over $2,000

    The bounty to get a workable version of the Android operating system installed on the now-discontinued HP TouchPad is up to $2,000+, as of today. As we previously reported, the goal of this project is to get some version of Android 2.x onto the TouchPad and, most importantly, stable. If successful, this effort will help keep the HP tablet a little more relevant to those unfortunate early… Read More

  • Virgin's iPad-Only Project Hits The App Store; $2.99 Per Issue, iOS 4.2 Required

    As expected, Virgin’s new iPad-only magazine Project has hit the App Store. Most had been anticipating it at some point later today, but it actually went live in the U.S. store right around midnight PT. We’ve just managed to snag a copy after a pretty lengthy download (these magazine makers really need to get these file sizes under control). We’ll do a more thorough… Read More

  • Acer announces their new K11 Pico-projector

    Lots of news coming out of CeBIT this year, including the latest projector from Acer, the K11. The K11 is a pico projector, so it’s the latest in the current crop of smaller display options. Measuring a mere 122 x 116mm, it’s ideal to stuff in your laptop case to take to that next meeting. Read More

  • DIY: It's a ring on a stick!

    So this doesn’t really serve any practical purpose, but it’s definitely cool. One of the frequent contributors to Make just created a captive ring demonstration using an aluminum rod and a lathe. Pretty neat stuff. [via Make] Read More

  • Dork Sells Star-Trek Themed Pad For Mucho Loot

    Face it. Loving Star Trek is about as dorky as a dork can get. But one Star Trek fan had the last laugh when he sold his one bedroom flat for more than five times the market value. Tony Alleyne sold his home that he transformed into the deck of the starship Voyager for a staggering $843,242 or £425,000. As you would imagine, transforming your bachelor pad into a flight deck is not an easy… Read More