• Project Playlist Pushes The Line Between Music Search And Music Hosting

    If there is a poster child for the battered Web music startup, Project Playlist is it. The company had to fight lawsuits from the record labels, is still trying to iron out licensing deals with those labels, lost its last CEO Owen van Natta to MySpace, lost its CFO Mike Sheridan, and by the looks of it is losing its audience. What else could go wrong? Well, it looks like the self-styled… Read More

  • Playlist CFO Mike Sheridan Out

    Michael Sheridan has resigned as CFO of music startup Project Playlist, we’ve confirmed. This comes just a couple of weeks after CEO Owen Van Natta resigned to take the top spot at MySpace. Sheridan is a former News Corp. executive and was also previously the CFO of Facebook. One source says he walked out yesterday after a dispute over the acquisition of Total Music. Another source says… Read More

  • The Record Industry's Failed TotalMusic Project Finds A New Home At Project Playlist

    Remember TotalMusic, the failed music initiative created by Sony BMG and UMG that was built from the start with the goal of serving as Facebook’s music platform (and was ultimately rejected by the social network)? Its assets were recently acquired by Project Playlist, the troubled music streaming startup that just lost its CEO to MySpace last month and has had lawsuits pending from… Read More

  • The Very Last Person Owen Van Natta Screwed Over At Playlist: Jason Bitensky

    I continue to be fascinated by Owen Van Natta’s abrupt departure from Project Playlist, the company he ran for five whole months before becoming the CEO of the much more exciting MySpace. Emails have been flying in from company CEOs who say Van Natta, with a promise of “massive funding from China,” offered to acquire them (there was no funding). Playlist employees, speaking… Read More

  • Owen Van Natta's Infamous Tenure At Project Playlist

    One of the many unsavory aspects of the hiring of Owen Van Natta as the new CEO of MySpace: the rewriting of recent history around Van Natta’s involvement in Project Playlist. The communications group at News Corp. (MySpace’s parent company) is busy spinning Van Natta’s departure as a simple transition from one job to another, but that’s far from the truth. Nor does… Read More

  • Project Playlist Fills CEO Void With MTV Co-Founder John Sykes

    Hot on the heels of the announcement that Owen Van Natta is unceremoniously leaving Project Playlist to run MySpace, Project Playlist has announced that John Sykes will be stepping in as CEO. Sykes is a co-founder of MTV, former president of VH1, and former president of Infinity Broadcasting, one of the largest radio broadcasting companies in the US. Sykes has been a boardmember at Playlist… Read More

  • Hiring Of New MySpace CEO Settles Many Old Scores

    MySpace parent company News Corp. continues to leak, off record, that Owen Van Natta is in the final stages of becoming the new CEO of MySpace (one of the more obvious candidates on our list yesterday). Van Natta certainly has the experience on paper to run the company – he was a business development executive at Amazon, the chief revenue officer at Facebook and most recently the CEO… Read More

  • EMI Drops Lawsuit Against Project Playlist, Licenses Catalog Instead

    Music search and streaming service Project Playlist may finally be turning the tide in its ongoing battle with the music industry. EMI Music, one of the three major labels which was suing Project Playlist for copyright infringement, dropped out of the litigation and is announcing today that it has licensed its entire catalog to the service instead. EMI joins Sony BMG, which was never part of… Read More

  • 12M Albums on Jogli Now Embeddable – Record Label Nightmare Continues

    Israeli startup Jogli, the music search engine we previously covered, is now making all of the 12M albums it streams easily embeddable, even on MySpace (example). Beyond albums, the widget (embedded at the end of the post) also allows the embedding of playlists, artists’ best hits and radio stations. It’s color customizable (think YouTube’s player) and if you want to play… Read More

  • The Vultures Are Circling Project Playlist

    Music streaming service Project Playlist has 40 million users if you believe their home page, or around 10 million if you go by Comscore unique monthly visitors. Either way, it’s a lot. They’ve got a hot new CEO, raised a big round of financing, and finally signed a deal with a big label. But they’re also in a very vulnerable position right now. Litigation with the other… Read More

  • Facebook Folds In Face Of Massive Litigation, Bans Project Playlist

    Just in is a statement from Facebook that they will ban the fast growing (but non-label-sanctioned) music service Project Playlist. Last Friday MySpace banned Project Playlist and removed all traces of the service from its site. But Facebook remained silent even as music label insiders called them “irresponsible” and suggested litigation against them was on the way. This is a big… Read More

  • Some Good News For Project Playlist – A Deal With Sony BMG

    It looks like embattled music service Project Playlist has someone other than Facebook in their corner. This morning, after remaining silent all weekend over the MySpace ban, they are announcing a much-needed agreement with Sony BMG to give users direct (and legal) access to that library. Sony was never part of the litigation by the big labels that was filed on April 28, 2008, choosing instead… Read More

  • Facebook Stares Down Labels Over Project Playlist Takedown Demand

    Earlier this afternoon MySpace scrubbed all traces of Project Playlist music widgets from the site, and users are unable to embed any further playlists. The scrub was the result of infringement notices from the major labels, all of which are in litigation with Project Playlist. The labels, sources say, sent the same takedown notices to Facebook, which has 660,000 users with playlists from… Read More

  • MySpace Puts The Hammer Down On Project Playlist

    MySpace is getting back into the business of blocking third party widgets, it seems – today they’ve banned embedded music widgets from the fast growing Project Playlist. But unlike previous 2006 and 2007 blocks of iMeem, Photobucket and many others, this time MySpace is doing it under threat of litigation from the major labels. We first got word from MySpace users that their… Read More

  • Confirmed: Owen Van Natta Finds A Home At Project Playlist; Bob Pittman Invests

    Well, they took their time, but the popular music site Project Playlist will make two announcements tomorrow: They’ve hired former Facebook Chief Revenue Officer Owen Van Natta as CEO, and they’ve closed a new round of financing. We’ve been digging on this story for weeks, but the company wouldn’t confirm the rumors and actually asked one of our writers to leave… Read More

  • Project Playlist Hires Owen Van Natta As CEO. They Just Won't Admit It.

    This is now well past speculation. Owen Van Natta, Facebook’s former Chief Revenue Officer and Amazon’s former Vice President of Worldwide Business and Corporate Development, is the new CEO of Project Playlist. Or at least that’s what he’s been telling people, we’ve heard from multiple sources. The company hasn’t returned our emails, even to say… Read More

  • Is Owen Van Natta The New CEO Of Project Playlist? And Further Rumors.

    Project Playlist sure is on our radar lately. The service, which lets users search for music on the web and build embeddable playlists, has 9.3 million unique monthly visitors and a whopping 822 million monthly page views according to Comscore. But the company has been acting very strangely. First, the service has been down since at least Monday along with the message “We are doing… Read More

  • Project Playlist May Boast A New CEO, An Ex-Facebooker

    Rumor alert: Employees of Project Playlist, a very popular music search engine and embeddable playlist tool, have been telling people that the company has hired a new CEO to lead it to the next stage of development. And the new CEO, they’re saying, is an ex-Facebook employee. We haven’t been able to confirm this with the company, and we don’t know which ex-Facebook employee… Read More

  • Project Playlist Gets Tangled In MySpace Music CEO Search

    Project Playlist is one of the many online music services that have popped up over the last few years. It’s both a search engine and a playlist generator – users search for music that’s located on third party websites and then create playlists which can be embedded elsewhere. The legality of music search engines is far from clear, as we’ve written about earlier. The… Read More