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That just happened: a survivor of the Natal/Kinect event tells his tale

I get the feeling that we have just participated in a dare — or the indulgence of a delusion. What else could explain the utterly insane spectacle that just took place in Galen Center here in LA

Is this the production version of Project Natal?

<img src="">This is interesting. Engadget's live at D8 where Microsoft is showing off Project Natal. The funny thing is that the hardw

Ouch rumor: Project Natal will cost $150 stand-alone, part of $300 Xbox Arcade bundle this October

<img src="" />I sure hope for <a HREF="">Microsoft</a>'s sake this isn't true. Word on the stree

Microsoft gearing up for worldwide launch of Project Natal in October

<img src="" class="shot2" />In an interview with <a href="">GamertagRadio</a>, M

Omek Interactive Could Blow Microsoft's Project Natal Out Of The Water (Video)

<img src="" class="shot2" />I've spent 4 full days here in Israel meeting tons of entrepreneurs and startup folks, but if I had to pick one comp

Xbox 360 Slim to be announced at this year's E3?

<img src="">If a notorious game industry news source is believed, Microsoft is announcing a redesigned Xbox 360 this year at E3. T

Someone, somewhere may have Project Natal in their hands *right now*

<img src="" />Looks like someone accidentally left <a HREF="">Project Natal</a> in a bar in

Crytek 'working closely' with Microsoft, Sony re: motion controls

<img src="" />Pretty sure <a HREF="">Crytek</a>, of <a HREF="

Did Nintendo pass on Natal?

<img src="" />It's too early to say whether Natal will be a hit — too early to really even say if it works or not, really &mdas

Microsoft sez that software updates make releasing a new console soon unlikely, unnecessary

<img src="" />You knew this already, but Microsoft told the Guardian at <a HREF="">CES</a>last week

Video: Project Natal playing Half-Life 2 It’s not clear what level of approval this leaked video has from Microsoft, but my guess would be that there is plenty of testing like this going to

Ubisoft: 10 games for Natal, 4-5 for Sony's magic wand in first six months

<img src="" />It's too early to say whether Natal and the PS3 wand are going to be as fun as everyone hopes, but at least it's not going to

Wait, Microsoft's Project Natal will be $80? That can't be right

There is a rumor swirling around the tubes this morning that Microsoft’s motion controller Project Natal will be $80 when it comes out next November. First off, there is no way that the Wii-kill

Fable 3 to utilize Natal, says Molyneux

<a href="">The Fable 3 announcement</a> had creator Peter Molyneux saying he was

Will Project Natal be anything more than a glorified tech demo? Here's hoping!

<img src="" />Maybe I'm speaking for the minority here, but I have to get this off my chest: Project Natal is sorta

Sega sez: Natal and PS3 motion controller games in "early 2010"

<img src="" />When a company says they'd <em>like to think</em> they might make an <em>announcement </em>about some games four or five mon

Developers weigh in on Natal, Wii, and the "magic wand"

<img src="" />1up just had a little developer roundtable about the upcoming motion controllers (and, uh, the "leading brand" as well).Whi

And now THQ says Project Natal will be out next year

<img src="" />THQ, fresh off winning a whole bunch of dollars at the expense of toy maker Jakks Pacific re: WWE video games, said yesterda

News from Asia suggests Project Natal-equipped Xbox 360s by mid-2010

<img src="" />News from the East. It looks like Microsoft is all set to produce Project Natal-equipped Xbox 360s <a HREF="http://www.d

Gates: Natal coming to Windows

<img src="" alt="xbox-360-project-natal_1" title="xbox-360-project-natal_1" width="575" height="323" class="aligncenter
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