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Asana launches $19.99 Business tier to help managers handle multiple projects

Asana, the platform where people can create and track the progress of work projects, made its name originally as a place where individuals and smaller teams can create and track the progress of a spec

ViaHero lets locals plan your trips abroad

Perhaps you’d like to visit an out of the way restaurant or smoke a unique cigar. Perhaps you’d like to take part in native dances or infiltrate a foreign government at a classy cocktail p

eSUB Construction Software raises $5 million to help subcontractors track jobs and get paid

A San Diego startup called eSUB Construction Software has raised $5 million in a Series A round led by Revolution Ventures according to President and CEO Wendy Rogers. The company’s cloud-based

Here’s what we know about the SpaceX explosion

This morning around 9:07 am ET, SpaceX experienced a devastating explosion while completing a routine static test-fire in preparation for a launch on Saturday. Luckily, no injuries were reported, but

Redbooth adds Apple TV app to bring project management to big screen

Redbooth, makers of project management and collaboration software, announced a new Apple TV app today that brings their service directly to Apple TV. We mostly think of Apple TV as a consumer device,

Wrike launches project management tool for marketers

The team behind project management service Wrike spent the last few years building a general-purpose project management service that businesses can adopt to their own needs. That clearly worked, becau

Trello Launches Developer Platform

A few months ago, project management tool Trello launched third-party integrations with tools like Slack, GitHub and Salesforce for its paying users. Now, it is opening this platform to more developer

Trello Integrates Shipping Data From USPS, UPS, FedEx And Others

Project management service Trello today launched a new feature that brings shipping and tracking data from UPS, USPS, FedEx, OnTrac and LaserShip right into Trello cards. That’s a nifty little

Atlassian Updates JIRA Service Desk, Now The Fastest Growing Product In Its 13-Year History

Atlassian, the company behind popular products like JIRA, Confluence and HipChat, today launched a new version of JIRA Service Desk with a couple of interesting new features, as well as a new annual l

Project Management Platform Wrike Challenges Asana With New Workflow Tools

When it comes to web-based project management tools, we are spoiled for options these days. Popular ones include Asana, which coincidentally released its new iOS app today, Podio and Atlassian's colla

Atlassian Expands Its Enterprise Offerings With JIRA And Confluence Data Center

Atlassian, the company behind developer collaboration tools like JIRA, Confluence and HipChat, has long had a strong presence in the enterprise, but the company today announced two new products specif

Wrike Raises $10M In Funding For Service That Helps The Work Get Done

Since its start seven years ago, <a target="_blank" href="">Wrike</a> has been entirely bootstrapped.  It has built a project management SaaS company that has helped it win clie

Wrike Reveals New UI And Time-Broadcasting Feature To Keep Employees On Task

Project collaboration startup <a target="_blank" href="">Wrike </a>has rolled out a minimalist user interface in the latest update of its Graphite application, which emphasises a w

Tom’s Planner Acquires Gantt Chart Service Competitor Gantto

Tom’s Planner, a web-based project management service, has acquired a competitor in providing Gantt charts to track projects: Y-Combinator-backed Gantto. The company plans to merge Gantto&#82

Asana Competitor Wrike Launches Its New Mobile Apps, Wants To Make Social Project Management Quick And Easy

<a target="_blank" href="">Wrike</a>, the increasingly popular social project management and collaboration platform, just <a target="_blank" href="

GrexIt Turns Gmail Into A Social Task Management System

Last month I said that collaboration and project-management apps should focus on <a href="">killing e-mail from with

Etherpad Now Baked Into Social Project Management App Wrike

Social project management software-as-a-service <a target="_blank" href="">Wrike</a> released a big update today, including in-line integration of the open source text editor <a target

Social Task Manager Producteev Adds Document Collaboration

Competition in the social task/project-management market is heating up. Facebook co-founder Dustin Moskovitz's startup <a target="_blank" href="">Asana</a> and's <a targ

TeamGantt Is A Streamlined, Online Project Management Tool

Fans of Microsoft Project, rejoice! There's now a way to recreate the fun and pleasure of creating Gantt charts in your browser, bringing that age-old managerial trick of "making another chart" to the

Float Does Simple Scheduling For Teams (And Simple Is Hard!)

<a href="">Float</a> (no, not <a href="">that F
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