Code School Brings Its Instructional Videos For Developers To iOS

Code School, the online learning destination that grew out of founder Gregg Pollack's longtime efforts in creating and sharing technical content with a developer audience, has now made the leap to mob

You Too May Be A Victim Of Developaralysis

Dear developers: Do you feel insecure because you're only fluent in a mere eight programming languages used across three families of devices? Does exposure to yet another JavaScript framework make you

Eve Raises $2.3M To Rethink Programming

While everybody in the tech industry seems to be trying to make programming easier to pick up, most of the efforts that have popped up either repackage the concepts found in existing languages or boil Launches Code Studio, A Toolset And Curriculum For Teaching Kids Programming

Since its creation,'s mission has been to get coding into curriculums for students as schools nationwide. Today, the nonprofit group is launching Code Studio, a combined set of tools and curr

Programmer Craig Muth Kickstarts A New Version Of His (Arguably Amazing) Shell, Xiki

Put on your nerd hats, kids, and let's sit back and bask in the glory of Xiki. Created by Craig Muth, founder of Memorize, Xiki and its shell product, xsh, allows for some amazing autocompletion trick

A Developer Cloned “Flappy Bird” Using Apple’s New Programming Language Swift In A Matter Of Hours

Less than a day after Apple made its surprising announcement about a whole new programming language for building iOS applications, called Swift, a developer with just four hours of Swift programming

These Tween Girls Created An Android App For The Blind

A group of six grade school girls in Los Fresnos, Texas took it upon themselves to solve a problem for blind kids. They built an app for them. The app, Hello Navi, first came from the imagination of

Phenox Makes A Drone More Of A Companion By Dropping The Controller

Drones are great, but for the most part, they can get old pretty quickly. A new Kickstarter project wants to throw some additional variety into the mix with a programmable, “intelligent” d

Happy Birthday, BASIC

Fifty years ago this month, in 1964, a computer programming language winked to life that changed the course of a generation. While many would point to the rise of Unix and other ubiquitous programming

One-On-One Programming Help Site Codementor Raises $600,000

Codementor, a one-on-one learning platform for software developers, has raised $600,000 in seed funding. The Techstars-backed site, which launched to the public last week and currently has more than 6

With 5M Users Already On Board, Tynker Goes Mobile To Help Kids Learn To Code On The iPad

Historically, the U.S. educational system has struggled to get young people excited by and involved with STEM-related fields, especially computer science, which has actually seen a steady decline in p

Handcuffs For Hacker Schools? Why A “Code Of Conduct” For Coding Bootcamps Could Actually Be Good For The Ecosystem

The explosion in both online and offline programming platforms over the last year has made one thing clear: Learning to code is hot. (With two “t’s.”) Well, that and the fact that ou

Obama, Celebrities, Politicians And Tech Co’s Come Together To Launch Coding Education Push

Back in January, brothers Ali Partovi and Hadi Partovi launched a new non-profit organization called with a simple mission: Change the perception America has of coding and computer science an

Play-i Raises $1.4M From The Crowd For Toy Robots That Make Programming Kid-Friendly, Comes To Stores Near You Next Summer

If we’re going to prepare future generations for an increasingly technical world (and workforce) ahead, then we need to teach them computer science and engineering. To some, that may sound like

Primo Is An Arduino Robot That Teaches Kids Programming Logic Through Play

Meet Primo: a physical programming interface that teaches children programming logic while they control the movements of an Arduino-powered robot. All of Primo's electronics are concealed inside woode

CodeBender.CC Makes It Crazy Easy To Program Your Arduino Board From Your Browser

The official <a href="">Arduino</a> IDE is a dour piece of software designed for uploading code to the ubiquitous and super-cool micro controller. It is a standa

Robot Turtles Is A Board Game Designed By A Googler To Teach Kids Core Coding Principles

There are plenty of online resources aimed at teaching kids coding but here's an offline take that uses old school gamification to get kids engaged and learning programming principles while they're ha

With Tynker’s New Service, Kids Can Learn To Code At Home

Mountain View-based <a target="_blank" href="">Tynker</a>, a startup focused on teaching children of all ages the basics of learning how to code, is now expanding its service be

NoFlo Launches Kickstarter Campaign To Help Everyone To Understand And Visualize Code

NoFlo, a company that has built an open-source visual programming tool based on "flow-based programming," a concept that came out of IBM in the 1970s, is launchign a $100,000 Kickstarter campaign toda

Floobits Debuts Remote Pair Programming Tool Where You Can Collaborate In Your Favorite Native Editor

Y Combinator-backed <a target="_blank" href="">Floobits</a>, a new startup allowing two people to write software at the same time on the same codebase - an activity known as pair p
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