Hackers, Start Your Engines: Facebook Opens Registration For Its Annual Hacker Cup Competition

Facebook today announced that it has <a target="_blank" href="">opened registration</a> for the Hacker Cup, its annual competition for programmers with a $5,

A Few Tips For Developers On How To Get Hired By A Startup

Not everyone is cut out to work for a startup. It involves a lot of hustling, a lot of nail-biting, pizza-eating, sleeping at your desk, tears, failure, confusion, and on and on. And wearing your star

Nokia: Open source developers need to embrace DRM

According to BusinessWeek, Nokia’s Dr. Ari Jaaski told a group of open source developers on Tuesday that they need to “obey” certain business rules, such as DRM, intellectual property rights, SI

The great true story of the man who brought Donkey Kong to the 2600

The entire walk-through Landon Dyer’s story of joining Atari after creating a Centipede clone was excellent but here’s a telling detail from the end of the first video game age. There were