• Alcatel-Lucent Acquires Web API Repository ProgrammableWeb

    ProgrammableWeb, a well-known repository for Web APIs, has been acquired by Alcatel-Lucent in a surprise move. Terms of the acquisition remain undisclosed, but according to the press release, ProgrammableWeb will continue to operate as a separate entity and the site’s founder John Musser will be making the move to Alcatel-Lucent. The repository, which was launched back in 2005 and… Read More

  • Let A Thousand Web APIs Blossom

    ProgrammableWeb has been doing a fantastic job chronicling web app APIs for over three years, and today they reached a milestone, surpassing 1000 APIs tracked. ProgrammableWeb is a great resource for developers cooking up great mashups, so kudos to them. Quite fittingly, the 1000 API mark was achieved by the submission of the New York Times Community API, demonstrating that mashups are now… Read More