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Dfinity’s valuation soars to $9.5Bn after revealing its governance system and token economics

We’ve been tracking one of the few genuinely interesting stories to come out of the blockchain world, ever since Dfinity raised $102M from Andreessen Horowitz and Polychain Capital for a decentralis

The Limitless Capability Of The Next Web

Uber made an important move last March, a move that reinforced my vision of where the Internet is headed. For the first time, users are able to summon an Uber ride from other applications wit

Veteran News Editor David Berlind Joins Programmable Web, The Journal Of The API Economy

David Berlind, a veteran news editor, has joined <a target="_blank" href="">Programmable Web</a>, the editorial and API database that became a core source for developers

Facebook And The Sudden Wake Up About The API Economy

What a two weeks it’s been. Something happened that has been simmering for a while. The API market exploded. Intel bought Mashery for more than $180 million and CA acquired Layer 7. 3Scale recei

Source: Mashery Is Selling To Intel For More Than $180M

We're hearing from a source familiar with deliberations that Intel is buying <a target="_blank" href="">Mashery</a> for more than $180 million, in a move that shows how the chipmake

Alcatel-Lucent Creates Methodology For APIs And Makes Available Under Creative Commons

<a target="_blank" href="">Alcatel-Lucent</a> is releasing a methodology for APIs that it is making available through Creative Commons. It is part of a new cons